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Water pipes at Lyttelton Harbour

30 July 1954

Pipes for a water scheme laid out at Lyttelton Harbour.

Yacht after storm

21 January 1988

Jill and Barry Edwards, with Julie Moore and Koko the cat aboard ...

Wrecked yacht

20 January 1988

Wrecked yacht at Corsair Bay.

Yachts at Cass Bay

29 January 1988

Two yachts which ran ashore at Cass Bay following overnight ...

Helicopter brings supplies

27 November 1975

Helicopter transporting roofing materials at Lyttelton.

Snow covered hills overlooking Lyttelton

24 May 1988

Snow on the Port Hills and Banks Peninsula. Lyttelton Harbour is ...

Logs being loaded at Lyttelton

22 November 1995

Chief officer, Eugenio Erebaren, overlooking logs being loaded ...

Search and rescue exercise planning

16 April 1972

Mr B.R. Walker (left) chairman of the marine search and rescue ...

Early Lyttelton

Circa 1863

Drawing of early Lyttelton Harbour. The Methodist Church at ...

Lyttelton Harbour and port

6 February 2011

View of Lyttelton Harbour from Canterbury Street.

Sunrise over Lyttelton harbour

1 September 2010

Beautiful sunrise looking towards Lyttelton with cargo ship on ...

Full moon over Lyttelton Harbour

12 September 2015

Glow of the full moon looking towards Lyttelton from Governors ...

Lyttelton Harbour

1 October 2018

Aerial view over Lyttelton Harbour from Governors Bay end.

Lyttelton Harbour from Governors Bay Hotel

1 May 2018

View from the bar and restaurant area of the Governors Bay Hotel ...

Royal Yacht Britannia, Lyttelton Harbour

January 1974

Viewing the Royal Yacht Britannia on arrival of the Queen and ...

Walking at Godley Head

25 April 2014

A father and child walk along the Godley Head track on Anzac ...

Leper Huts and health officials on Quail Island

Photo shows Dr Charles Upham of Lyttelton, Port Health Officer ...

Scout hike on the Port Hills, 1948


Port Hills scout hike 1948. Margosue Penney lady directly in ...

Lyttelton Harbour

29 September 2018

View of logs at Lyttelton Harbour with a large container ship ...

Aerial view of Lyttelton Harbour

circa 1980s

Aerial view of Lyttelton Harbour and Lyttelton with ships docked ...

Aerial view of Lyttelton, 1961


Aerial photo of Lyttelton taken on a scenic flight from a small ...

Lyttelton harbour


These photos are of the girls from Papanui Technical High ...

Lyttelton Harbour from Lyttelton overbridge

16 February 1977

Lyttelton Harbour from the overbridge. Tug Lyttelton and an old ...

Group by Lyttelton Harbour


These photos are of the girls from Papanui Technical High ...

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