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Tinkerbelle's House in the fairy forest

May 2020

A creative fairy house in Bottle Lake Forest.

Solitary tree on the Avon Loop

May 2020

A tree in autumn sits on the riverbank on the Avon loop.

Avonside Loop

May 2020

Native grasses grow in the middle of an abandoned road in the ...

View from the Port Hills

May 2020

A stunning day in the Port Hills during Level 3 lockdown.

Roy the stray cat

April 2020

Roy the stray cat hoping for some attention.

Makeshift Lockdown Workstation

April 2020

While working in Level 3 & 4 lockdown my bedroom was turned into ...

Easter cupcakes

April 2020

Easter nest cupcakes baked during Lockdown.

Sand dunes at New Brighton Beach

April 2020

An artistic look at the sand dunes.

Tiny Toadstools

April 2020

Autumn toadstools among the pine needles in Bottle Lake Forest.

A view through the trees

April 2020

An artistic view of the trees in Bottle Lake Forest.

Alternative Teddy Bear Hunt

April 2020

A picture of a teddy bear with some bear related jokes for ...

He waka eke noa chalk art

April 2020

A Māori whakataukī (proverb) that translates to 'We are all in ...

Smile during lockdown level 4

April 2020

An uplifting chalk drawing on the sidewalk during lockdown.

Teddy on Letterbox in Level 4

April 2020

A teddy bear on a letterbox during the lockdown teddybear hunt.

Audrey Hepburn artwork by the Lemon Tree Cafe - art by Distranged Design (Jacob Root)

15 August 2020

New street art on the corner of St Asaph and Manchester Streets.

Ferrier Fountain

13 August 2020

Fountain by the Town Hall lit up.

Protest sign on Bridge of Remembrance

12 August 2020

Chalked messages in Christchurch.

Riverside Market

12 Augsut 2020

Level 2 Covid tracing sign in.


1 August 2020

Protest in Cathedral Square.

Tuesday 11 August 10.12pm COVID level change announcement

11 August 2020

Auckland moves to Level 3, rest of New Zealand to Level 2.

Winner of the Edible Book Competition at Ara

10 August 2020

Ara has been hosting an Edible Book Competition for some years.

The Boxed Quarter

10 August 2020

Corner of St Asaph and Madras Streets.

Ice skating

1 August 2020

Ice skating in town.

Fanfare by Neil Dawson

9 July 2020

SCAPE Public Art.

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