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Gas works water cooling towers

25 March 1981

The rear of the gas works with the water cooling towers visible.

Gas works byproducts treatment area

25 March 1981

Gas works byproducts treatment area seen from the Waltham Street ...

Reverend Poai Manahi and Lt. Commander H. Dawson

7 February 1981

The Rev Poai Manahi greets Lieutenant Commander H. Dawson at the ...

Rare canoe at Okains Bay museum

7 February 1981

A sailing canoe on display at Okains Bay museum for Waitangi ...

Rarotongan Dance Troupe Waitangi Day performance

7 February 1981

Rarotongan Dance Troupe performing at Okains Bay for Waitangi ...

John Rua carving at Okains Bay

7 February 1981

John Rua carving at the Okains Bay Waitangi Day celebrations.

Pop Brown with Waitangi Day hangi

6 February 1981

Pop Brown from the Chatham Islands Tewhatumanawa Culture Club ...

Tangata Hara statue

8 August 1981

Statue of Tangata Hara at Little River.

Primary Teachers Training College

12 April 1980

Exterior of the Primary Teachers Training College on the corner ...

Electricity demonstration

9 October 1980

Jeanie Pyper and Jean Koster with Moffat representative, Kevin ...

Gas leak on Hereford Street

4 February 1980

Gas company workmen locating a gas leak on Hereford Street ...

Coronation Hospital

17 July 1989

Exterior and grounds of Coronation Hospital in Huntsbury.

New paint coat for the Vacation Inn

6 November 1989

Vicki Buck with the general manager of the Vacation Inn, Gordon ...

Bower Avenue-Travis Road intersection

11 October 1984

The intersection at Bower Avenue-Travis Road in New Brighton.

Speeding vehicles

17 October 1984

Speeding vehicles on the Northern Motorway.

Illegally parked van

18 August 1984

An illegally parked van on the corner of Armagh Street and ...

Bealey Avenue road works

18 August 1984

Road works on Bealey Avenue looking towards the intersection ...

Removals New Zealand Wide Limited trucks

14 September 1983

Trucks for moving company, Removals New Zealand Wide Limited.

Ministry of Transport building

4 October 1986

The Ministry of Transport building on the corner of Montreal ...

Bandsmen's Memorial Rotunda, Botanical Gardens


Bandsmen's Memorial Rotunda taken in the Spring of 1980.

Clare Road Drinking Fountain Christchurch

September 1983

Clare Road Drinking Fountain Christchurch. This photo is from a ...

James Huston

21 January 1888

James Huston, had 10 children and 20 grandchildren and 33 great ...

St Kentigern's Church, Kaituna valley.


St Kentigern's Church, Kaituna valley, taken by Mwyffany ...

The CTB Bus Depot


The CTB Bus Depot, photograph taken by Mwyffany Sawtell.

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