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8 December 1983

Wizards in Gloucester Street.

Panorama of High and Tuam St intersection


Panorama of High and Tuam St intersection looking towards ...

Cream silo at Tai Tapu Dairy Company plant

25 June 1982

Workmen hoisting a 70,000 litre cream silo into position at the ...

Sweets display at Foodstuffs, Main North Road

8 December 1987

Mr Kevin Keenan with sweets display in the Foodstuffs ...

Lyttelton's last civil and naval tailor, D. Lublow

28 June 1980

Mr D. Lublow, civil and naval tailor, sat in his London Street ...

Celebrating 45 years working in the clothing industry

30 October 1982

Miss Shirley Tolchard, celebrating 45 years working in the ...

Clothing Workers Union march

19 April 1988

A large group of Clothing Workers Union members marching through ...

Pizza Hut restaurant, Riccarton

12 May 1981

Families eating pizza in the new Pizza Hut restaurant in ...

The Sequoia Room restaurant

13 July 1982

Interior of the Sequoia Room restaurant, with food set out ...

The Portstone restaurant, Woolston

9 June 1980

Exterior and signage of the Portstone restaurant, Woolston.

The Dog House, fast food restaurant, Cathedral Square

11 March 1989

Exterior of The Dog House, fast food restaurant taken from ...

Farmer John's restaurant

1 December 1984

Exterior and signage of Farmer John's restaurant, a hamburger ...

Leinster House restaurant

16 March 1982

Exterior and signage of Leinster House restaurant, Merivale.

Constable Robertson at Prisk Motor Spares, Ferry Road

20 June 1981

Constable Marie Robertson speaking with the shop owner and ...

Jehovah's Witness convention

29 December 1983

Audience at a Jehovah's Witness annual district convention held ...

Willie Kapea with a Mogel Bin Services truck

30 July 1986

A group of men and Willie Kapea, all Mogel Bin Services Ltd ...

Police and picketers at the Sawyers Arms Road dump

17 August 1981

Strikers with placards on a picket line at Sawyers Arms Road ...

The Town Crier proclaims the start of Going for Goals forum

3 June 1989

The new Christchurch Town Crier, Lex Matheson, making his debut ...

Richard Hadlee playing cricket

27 January 1987

Cricketer Richard Hadlee jumping whilst bowling during a cricket ...

Tait radiotelephones for export

25 August 1981

Alison Watson next to a selection of Tait radiotelephones to be ...

PDL industrial switchgear being packed for export

30 August 1984

PDL Holdings Ltd Staff in a warehouse packing industrial ...

Dunlop New Zealand Ltd factory

22 March 1980

Exterior of the Dunlop New Zealand Ltd tyre factory in Woolston.

Firestone Tyres factory, Papanui

18 April 1981

A man moulding tyres at Firestone Tyre's Papanui factory.

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