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Sumner over to Pegasus Bay

7 March 2008

View from Nicholson Park over to Sumner, Clifton, Redcliffs and ...

Surfing lesson at Sumner

3 February 2008

A group of people entering the water at Sumner Beach as part of ...

Sumner towards New Brighton

Circa 2004

View over Sumner to Richmond Hill and New Brighton, taken from ...

Taylors Mistake Bay

Circa 2004

View from the Anaconda Walkway down to Taylors Mistake Bay and ...

Cave Rock at Sunset

Circa 2004

View from Sumner Beach up to Cave Rock at sunset. Two people are ...

Child on Sumner Beach

Circa 2004

A child chasing seagulls on Sumner Beach. Several other people ...

Horses on Sumner Beach

Circa 2004

A group of children riding horses and donkeys along Sumner ...

Sumner Beach at sunset

Circa 2004

View of Sumner Beach, near Cave Rock at sunset. A group of ...

New Brighton from Richmond Hill

Circa 2004

View across to New Brighton Pier and Pegasus Bay taken from ...

Cave Rock from Richmond Hill

Circa 2004

View over to Cave Rock and Sumner Beach, Sumner taken from ...

Waves from Sumner Beach

Circa 2002

Sumner Beach with views across Pegasus Bay. In the foreground is ...

Family at Sumner Beach

Circa 2002

A family at Sumner Beach taken next to Cave Rock.

Surfers at Sumner Beach

Circa 2002

Surfer in wetsuit with surf board walking along Sumner Beach. ...

Wave at Sumner Beach

Circa 2002

View of a wave splashing over rocks at Sumner Beach.

Family on a beach

Circa 2002

A woman and two children playing on a beach with a group of ...

Full Moon over Sumner Beach

Circa 2002

View of a full moon rising over Sumner Beach from the Esplanade. ...

Sumner Beach by Esplanade

Circa 2002

Sumner Beach at high tide. The Esplanade runs on the right hand ...

Seagulls on Sumner Beach

Circa 2002

Seagulls sitting along posts at an entrance to Sumner Beach from ...

New Brighton Pier

Circa 2002

New Brighton Pier with the beach in the foreground. People can ...

Shag Rock at sunset, Sumner


Shag Rock, from Sumner beach at sunset. Southshore and Redcliffs ...

Sumner and Scarborough from Clifton, Christchurch

Circa 1963-4

View across Sumner to Scarborough Hill taken from Clifton, ...

Norfolk Island Pines in Sumner

Circa 1963-4

View towards Sumner Beach, Sumner Surf Life Saving Club, Norfolk ...

Children at Cave Rock, Sumner

Circa 1963-4

Two children looking down into the cave at Cave Rock, Sumner.

Children on New Brighton Beach

Circa 1963-4

Four children seated on a blanket on sand dunes. New Brighton ...

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