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Court Theatre lighting system

11 July 1981

Chris Allen operating the lighting system at the Court Theatre ...

Multi-sport goal posts

4 July 1981

Multi-sport goal posts at the Christchurch Teachers Training ...

Earthquake strengthening the Arts Centre

2 July 1981

John Loper in a cherry-picker using a grout pump to insert ...

Robert Muldoon with Springbok rugby tour protesters

13 July 1981

Protesters against the Springbok rugby tour clashing with the ...

Springbok rugby tour protesters in Victoria Square

22 July 1981

A large crowd of protesters against the Springbok rugby tour ...

Police and Springbok rugby tour protesters

8 July 1981

A policeman using bolt cutters to remove the chains linking four ...

Police and a Springbok rugby tour protestor

11 July 1981

Police in a scuffle with an anti-springbok tour demonstrator ...

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