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View from the Drainage Board building

30 June 1966

View of Christchurch rooftops from the Drainage Board building.

Phoenix House

4 October 1986

Phoenix House on the corner of Hereford Street and Oxford ...

Christchurch high rise construction

19 March 1988

View of the construction of high rise buildings in Christchurch, ...

MacGibbon building

23 January 1986

The MacGibbon building at 188 Hereford Street.

Construction of Centre Tower, Cashel Street

23 July 1988

Construction of Centre Tower on Cashel Street.

Former bank stables

12 August 1968

Former Australia and New Zealand Bank stables on Hereford ...

Alison Dickens, Price Waterhouse receptionist

6 August 1990

Alison Dickens, Price Waterhouse receptionist in the new Price ...

Clarendon Tower

1 November 1988

Clarendon Tower on the corner of Oxford Terrace and Worcester ...

Amuri Courts tower

6 May 1980

Tower addition to the Amuri Courts building on the corner of ...

Amuri Motors parking building and garage

4 July 1964

The parking building and garage for Amuri Motors on the corner ...

The Union Centre building

10 October 1986

The Union Centre building on the corner of Armagh and Colombo ...

Mainstay Properties Limited building

25 February 1985

Mainstay Properties Limited building on the corner of Armagh ...

Snow on the port hills

11 November 1976

View of the central city, looking south towards the Government ...

Blackwell Motors

Late 1920s

Panorama of staff of Blackwell Motors posing outside their ...

National savings weekly quota

16 December 1941

L. J Gillespire and J. L Hay hoisting a flag on the corner of ...

Buildings on Cambridge Terrace

17 September 1968

Buildings on Cambridge Terrace, to the north east of Victoria ...

Construction of Robert Jones House

13 February 1989

View of Robert Jones House under construction on the corner of ...

Former United Bank building

4 July 1994

The former United Bank building on the corner of Cashel Street ...

View of the central city from Drainage Board building

13 November 1971

View of the central city from the Drainage Board building.

Wiltshire Buildings

1 September 1986

The Wiltshire Buildings on the corner of Tuam and High Streets.

The Christchurch Club

3 July 1964

The Christchurch Club as viewed from Worcester Street.

The Christchurch Business Centre

29 January 1988

The Christchurch business centre on the corner of Madras Street ...

Inland Revenue Department

24 August 1962

The Inland Revenue Department in the Bates Buildings.

Convention centre construction

27 March 1996

Construction of the convention centre on Kilmore Street as seen ...

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