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Tourism award for the Park Royal Hotel


The New Zealand Tourism Award for 1993 being displayed outside ...

Rumpole's Bar

7 April 1989

Rumpole's Bar in the Park Royal Hotel.

Festival Italiano at Park Royal Hotel

16 April 1991

Park Royal Hotel chefs, Thierry Jacoby, Enzo Potami, and Graeme ...

Park Royal mural by school students

24 November 1986

Intermediate and secondary school students paint a mural on the ...

Northern fa?ade of Park Royal under construction

17 September 1987

View of the northern fa?ade of the Park Royal Hotel, under ...

Park Royal near completion

25 January 1988

The Park Royal Hotel, as seen from the south east, in its final ...

Dessert trolley at Noahs Hotel

21 August 1981

Eric Verberne, head waiter at Noahs Hotel, with a trolley of ...

Noahs Hotel

24 March 1979

Noahs Hotel on Oxford Terrace, seen at the intersection with ...

Overlooking Noahs Hotel construction

12 October 1973

Overlooking the construction site of Noahs Hotel and Oxford ...

Construction of Noahs Hotel on Oxford Terrace

10 November 1973

The construction site of Noahs Hotel on Oxford Terrace.

Donated house for fire training exercise

24 July 1985

A house donated by Skellerup Industries to the Fire Service so ...

Iroquois helicopter at Sumner

1 December 1980

A Suzuki truck being carried by an Iroquois helicopter at ...

Rochelle Evans at "Have a Go" Day

25 August 1980

Rochelle Evans tries out a firefighter's hose with assistance ...

Chris Anderson with breathing apparatus

3 November 1980

Chris Anderson of Linwood Avenue School tries out a ...

Firefighter spraying tanks at Lyttelton

2 December 1980

A fire fighter spraying a hose from atop a ladder onto tanks at ...

Taua Mahi Trust workers

24 June 1978

Workers of the Taua Mahi Trust pruning trees at Stewarts Gully.

Aranui Cooperative Trust vegetable plot

14 May 1983

Raewyn Kirner and Lisa Gemmel, cultivating vegetables at a ...

Unemployed youth in a cabbage patch

28 May 1983

Unemployed youth working the vegetable plot on the property of ...

Friends in the workplace

6 July 1964

Patisepa Tauata, Ensie Palaamo, and Mere Suli pose for a ...

Pacific Island Affairs team

15 July 1992

Pacific Island Affairs team members; Jonbaar Ford, Tanya ...

Samoan performers at St Mary's Hall

2 December 1963

Samoan performers at St Mary's Hall, Manchester Street.

Trainee pilots from Indonesia

1 June 1978

Indonesians learning to fly at Air New Zealand's Leonard Isitt ...

Operations control centre for Air New Zealand

10 March 1988

Operations control manager, Gerry Glover, with operation ...

Lunches for Air New Zealand passengers

1 August 1988

Air New Zealand cook, Russell Dickins, deocrating lunches for ...

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