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Rain on High Street

7 June 1977

View of High Street in the rain from the United Services Hotel ...

Riccarton Road roundabout

3 September 1975

Aerial view of the roundabout on Riccarton Road at the ...

Rockinghorse Road protest

12 February 1975

Residents of Rockinghorse Road with a petition protesting the ...

Rockinghorse Road inspection

18 February 1975

Mayor Hamish Hay inspects the condition of Rockinghorse Road ...

Shrove Tuesday pancake race cyclist

16 February 1972

Valerie Marshall cycling while competing in the Shrove Tuesday ...

Brougham Street intersection

15 July 1972

The house of Rona Ferguson, 10 Brougham Street, Sydenham, which ...

Christchurch Teachers College closed circuit unit

28 June 1971

J. Dykes at the control panel of a closed circuit television ...

Shrove Tuesday pancake race, New Brighton

11 February 1970

M. Hodgekinson, Y. Smith, M. Turnbull and F. Holland in the ...

Teachers College students with wagon

28 April 1970

Christchurch Teachers College with a wagon in Hagley Park ...

Kindergarten student teacher drama class

26 September 1970

Lecturer at Christchurch Teachers College, J. Harvest (left), ...

Shrove Tuesday pancake race finalists

19 February 1969

Carolyne Walker, Marlene Fitzwilliams, Wendy Ramage and other ...

Star first edition release

21 July 1969

Interior of the Christchurch Star front office on Kilmore Street ...

Sir George Manning on St David's Day

1 March 1968

Mayor, George Manning, with the Welsh flag outside the City ...

Mayor with pupils on Arbor Day

8 August 1968

Mayor, George Manning, with Woolston school pupils, Ann Saunders ...

Arbor Day on the Port Hills

3 August 1967

Children planting trees in Elizabeth Park for Arbor Day.

Queen's Birthday Parade

6 June 1966

Mayor, George Manning (left), Brigadier T. C. Campbell and ...

Arbor Day at Elizabeth Park

11 August 1966

Children from schools across Christchurch planting trees at ...

Shrove Tuesday matrons' pancake race

23 February 1966

Competitors in the matrons' event of the Shrove Tuesday pancake ...

Guard of honour for Queen's Birthday parade

7 June 1965

Mayor George Manning inspects the guard of honour during the ...

Transport Board bus depot

15 April 1965

The Christchurch Transport Board bus depot on Moorhouse Avenue.

Shrove Tuesday pancake race finalists

Circa 1960s

D. Hall (No. 2), B. Rule (No. 3) and N. Cooper (No. 6) in the ...

Christchurch Star office building foundations

Circa 1950s

Foundation work for the construction of the Christchurch Star ...

Bulldozer at construction site of Christchurch Star office

Circa 1950s

A bulldozer used to prepare the site of the Christchurch Star ...

Temporary teacher training building

18 March 1969

A temporary building on a section at the intersection of Kilmore ...

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