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Trevor Crowes garage


Exterior of Trevor Crowes garage on Yaldhurst Road.

Smart & Son truck


A Smart & Son Shingle & Sand Contractors of Hornby truck outside ...

Palmer & Doak


Palmer & Doak motor garage, Northern A&P Association and Fred ...

Model T Tourer


A Model T Tourer covered in snow at Coopers Creek in Rangiora.

Bedford cab


A new Bedford chassis and cab at the Addington Show Grounds with ...

Cooks Service Station


Exterior of the Cooks Service Station on the corner of Wainoni ...

Spring arrivals

27 September 2020

Bar-tailed godwits, recently arrived from Alaska, feeding in the ...

Election 2020 campaign billboards

13 September 2020

"Seen on the Quarryman's Trail cycleway. New Conservative, ...

Former Skellerup Industries building

27 September 2020

Former Skellerup Industries building site for sale. Corner of ...

Furniture show exhibitor at Christchurch Town Hall in 1987


Manufacturer of reproduction Victorian furniture, John Burn, ...

Scarborough Hill in the 1980s


"Scarborough Hill in the moonlight 1987" - Contributor's note

Tarāpuka (black-billed gulls)

20 October 2020

Rare Tarāpuka (black-billed gulls) colony on Armagh Street.

Tarāpuka (black-billed gulls)

20 October 2020

Rare Tarāpuka (black-billed gulls) colony on Armagh Street.

Manual lawn mower

August 2002

"Dad used the very first manual lawn mower he purchased in his ...

Festival of Flowers, Cathedral Square

16 February 2003

"This photo was taken at the Festival of Flowers in 2003. Mum, ...

Corvettes and a cat called Shakie


View of three lined up Corvette cars, owned by the contributor ...

Murphy Bros Staff Photo


"This photo was taken on Centaurus Road, and used to be opposite ...

Plaque for Indian settlers at Old Stone House

25 October 2020

"This plaque was installed for the reopening of Old Stone House ...

Old Plumbing Workshop at Chch Technical College

c. 1947

"Interior of the old plumbing workshop at ChCh Technical ...

Bamford Street House


"Mr Evans in the doorway of his Bamford Street House" - ...

North Brighton House


"Bohemian house in North Brighton in the 1980s." - Contributor's ...

Side of Lyttelton Street Dairy

21 October 2020

Side view of the Lyttelton Street Dairy during the first stages ...

Lyttelton Street Dairy

21 October 2020

Exterior of the Lyttelton Street Dairy on the corner of ...

Snowy New Brighton Beach with dark stormy sky

July-August 2011

"New Brighton beach during the snowy weather of July/August ...

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