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Traffic and pedestrians south of Cathedral Square


View down Colombo Street from South Cathedral Square looking ...

Plunket nurse community visit


Scenes of a Plunket van parked on a residential street in Hoon ...

Netball in Hagley Park


A group of girls participating in a netball game on the courts ...

Lifeguards on New Brighton beach


Scenes of lifeguards from various different areas of ...

Reni Eddo-Lodge and Victor Rodger


Why I'm no longer talking to white people about race. WORD ...

Clementine Ford, Victor Rodger, and Lianne Dalziel


WORD Christchurch Shifting Points of View at the Christchurch ...

Anika Moa launches NZMM


Anika Moa at New Zealand Music Month launch party, Christchurch ...

Edgeware Road


Nao robots - Fun Palaces, Central Library Peterborough


Fun Palaces. Saturday 3 October 2015

New Brighton Santa Parade


Roller Skating

Nao robots


Fun Palaces, Central Library Peterborough, 1 & 2 October 2016

Christchurch Stands Tall giraffe


Christchurch Stands Tall giraffe painted with roadwork signs ...

The World of David Walliams


WORD Christchurch Autumn Season. Charles Luney Auditorium, St ...

Arts Centre Christchurch Stands Tall giraffe

21 December 2014

Christchurch Stands Tall giraffe named Crusade

South Library giraffes

7 November 2014

Christchurch Stands Tall mini giraffes at South Library.

South Library giraffes

7 November 2014

Christchurch Stands Tall mini giraffes at South Library.

Christchurch stands Tall giraffe - Worcester bridge

7 November 2014

Christchurch Stands Tall orange giraffe known as Raise

Bishop Victoria Matthews and Shigeru Ban

27 August 2014

Shigeru Ban Cardboard Cathedral session, WORD Christchurch ...

Christchurch stands tall giraffe - Colombo Street

10 November 2014

Silver Christchurch Stands Tall giraffe named Rifraff Giraffe

Sculptures in Little River Gallery

25 February 2008

Close-up of two wall-mounted sculptures of caricature style head ...

Sumner and Cave Rock

7 March 2008

View over to Cave Rock and Sumner Beach, Sumner taken from ...

Cafés along the Esplanade, Sumner

25 January 2008

Exterior of an ice cream parlour and JDV café with outdoor ...

Workmen on a tea break

19 February 2008

A group of three workmen parked by the side of the road taking a ...

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