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Royal train Queen's Visit 1953


Back of the royal train, showing viewing platform, on the 1953 ...

Eon, Neville and Arthur Holt at Holt Family Home.

Circa. 1918-1919.

Eon, Neville and Arthur Holt at Holt Family Home. On back of ...

Royal train Queen's Visit 1953


Front of the royal train on the 1953 tour by Queen Elizabeth II ...

Claude Wilby & Connie Thompson


Claude, Wilby & Connie Thompson

German Hodgkinson


German William Hodgkinson. 1807-1900.

Otto von Wogan


Otto von Wogan jumped ship in Lyttelton as a boy and walked to ...

Top (Ernest) Thompson and his mother

circa 1923.

Top and mum. Taken I think, sometime in 1923, Oamaru.

Colleen Chisnall and Connie Thompson at Hinds

ca. 1920s-30s

Written on back of photo: "Colleen Chisnall and me at Hinds".

Willie Hodgkinson


Willie Hodgkinson. Youngest son of German Hodgkinson.

German Hodgkinson's old farmstead at Wakefield, Nelson


German Hodgkinson's old farmstead at Wakefield, Nelson. The ...

Mary Ann Taylor


Mary Ann Taylor (my great-grandmother). She married Alfred ...

Ernest (Top) Thompson on Bushy Beach, the Cape, Oamaru


On Bushy Beach, Cape Wanbrow, Oamaru. Ernest (Top) Thompson, dog ...

Holt Family, at "The Cape", Oamaru


Arthur, Eon, Neville, Mollie & Alison Holt. at Cape Wanbrow.

Group of school friends at Cape Wanbrow, Oamaru


Left to right: Unknown, Leonore Glass, Jean kent, Alison Holt, ...

Connie Thompson

Circa 1925.

Connie Thompson (my mother) at Waitaki Girls' High School. ...

Simple Toys


Father and first born son enjoying a ride on the wooden rocking ...

Maude Chisnall, aged 16


My grandmother, Maude Chisnall. Photo taken by Standish & ...

Connie Thompson and her son, Richard


Connie Thompson and her son, Richard. Richard died at 18 months ...

Claude and Maude (Connie) Thompson


Brother and sister, Claude and Maude Thompson. Although her ...

Boarders at Waitaki Girls' High School

8 December 1926.

Waitaki Girls' HIgh, Oamaru boarders. Connie Thompson, my ...

Maude Chisnall, aged 1


My grandmothr, Maude Chisnall. Born 12 October 1885.

Neville Attwood Holt

circa 1918

Nevill Holt used to tell his daughter "This me when I was a ...

Chisnallwood Family Memorial Plaques


This plaque is on the Colombo Street side of Victoria Square ...

Holt family Home, 48 Horotane Valley.

December 1969.

Showing swimming pool built by Neville Holt. Neville Attwood ...

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