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Avonside Old Girls Tramping Club at the Sign of the Kiwi

Late 1930s

Avonside High School Old Girls Tramping Club at the Sign of the ...

Scoreboard at Sydenham Park

Circa 1925

Cricket match and scoreboard at Sydenham park.

Cooking dinner at Governor's Bay


Cooking dinner at Governor's Bay in 1948. These photos are of ...

QEII Digger

Late 1970s

This child-sized digger with working controls was located near ...

Watching TV after a family tea

29 March 1979

Watching TV after a family tea. Phillips K9 TV on a rotating ...

Students Avon River Bike Race

Circa 1970

Avon River bike race for University of Canterbury rag day.

Summer picnic outing

Circa 1954

This photograph is of my Uncle, Aunty and cousins on a summer ...

Addington Timber Company, about 1937

Circa 1937

Staff of A.T.C with grandfather and father (machinest & saw ...

Car Trouble


My father (Gus Watts) and Ralph, fixing our troublesome car. I ...

North East Christchurch Energy Group Protest


In '79 the National Government introduced a 60 percent increase ...

Mark Hibberd & 4lb Trout.


Mark Hibberd, big catch Rainbow Trout. Waimakariri River, ...

At the Intersection of High, Hereford and Colombo Streets


My Mother and Grandmother on their way to shop in High Street, ...

Anderson's Engineering Machine Hall


Apprenticeship, Fitting and Turning ? Heavy Machine Shop ? ...

23A Tuirau Place, Ilam


Property constructed for Miss Margaret (Reta) Kernaghan by M L ...

Safety Week parade float - beware the undertow


Float - water safety. On back of truck belonging to R.C Rollo ...

Safety Week parade float


A Safe home or This float in the Safety Week parade going down ...

Millers Building from the street

1940s or 1950s

Millers Building at 163-173 Tuam Street.

Cowles Stadium Construction

ca 1961

Cowles Stadium in Pages Road was built by F. W. Matthews Ltd., ...

Sod Cottage, Ferrymead


Sod cottage being build at end of Ferrymead Bridge, on way to ...

Gun emplacements at Lyttelton Harbour


Gun emplacements at Lyttelton Harbour.



Louise Lockie after a trip to town. Riverside by Cashel Street ...

Papanui Railway Station


Papanui Railway Station.

Beadweld Engineering, 20 Welles Street


Beadweld, an engineering firm at 20 Welles Street. The ...

The Bryndwr Tramps


Bernie Robinson (left) and Johnnie Plimmer with Stan's jalopy. ...

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