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Book Fridge

4 September 2021

Book Fridge Gap Filler.

Pacific Island Affairs team

15 July 1992

Pacific Island Affairs team members; Jonbaar Ford, Tanya ...

First day pupils of Linwood North School

22 August 1983

Anne Broad, Rose Davis, Elizabeth Clarkson, and Charles Hawkins ...

New Zealand Music Month display

May 2017

New Zealand Music Month display at New Brighton Library.

Winner of the Edible Book Competition at Ara

10 August 2020

Ara has been hosting an Edible Book Competition for some years.

Supling Playgroup

16 June 2019

Araw sa Palengke (A Day at the Market) is a bilingual book read ...

A beautiful book that arrived for me during Covid-19 Lockdown

14 April 2020

This book was recommended to me by my boss before our work got ...

Scrabble dictionaries

Sunday 29 March 2020

Day 4 of lockdown. Playing scrabble with 3 dictionaries.

Dr Priscilla Galloway

17 February 1996

Dr Priscilla Galloway, a consultant on English teaching from ...

Language booklet launch

14 April 1977

Louisa Crawley (left) and Mrs Caroline Leota with a language ...

Beckenham School book week

12 October 1988

Students of Beckenham School at Beckenham Park for the school's ...

Relocating books from the old university site

9 July 1975

Chris James with geography department books for relocation to ...

Canterbury Public Library book sale

28 August 1989

Opawa Library secretary, George Ward, selecting books for the ...

Canterbury Public Library

20 February 1982

Interior of the Canterbury Public Library non-fiction area with ...

Canterbury Public Library book sale

6 February 1988

Librarian Sarah Ferguson with books for the Canterbury Public ...

Preparing for Canterbury Public Library book sale

10 September 1991

Suburban librarian, Diana Mann, with a selection of books for ...

Japanese books for Canterbury Public Library

12 April 1985

Tomoji Aoki, Consular Affairs Officer, presenting a collection ...

Interior of Central Library

9 October 1991

A customer looking at books on shelves in the Central Library on ...

Library assistant, Terrisa Goldsmith

17 September 1990

Canterbury Public Library assistant, Terrisa Goldsmith, with a ...

Books for Babies scheme

24 June 1995

Librarian for Canterbury Public Library's Books for Babies ...

Canterbury Public Library book sale

26 August 1988

Kim Gidall, Librarian at Mairehau Library, with books for sale ...

Canterbury Public Library under construction

18 June 1980

Dean Stevenson, a carpenter, stood outside the Canterbury Public ...

Reading in the Canterbury Public Library

12 January 1982

Mr R. Bamberger reading in the Canterbury Public Library on ...

Closing day of former Canterbury Public Library

24 December 1981

Librarian, Roger Flury, holding books on the day the former ...

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