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Fuel tank at Lyttelton


Fuel tank at Lyttelton, built by F. W. Matthews Ltd.

Tightrope walker in Thorpe's Paddock, Gayhurst Road


This event was in Thorpes paddock, Gayhurst Rd, Dallington about ...

Len & Sally Cross on their wedding day

circa 1945

Len & Sally Cross on their wedding day. My husband's mum and ...

Alice Todd, Venis Olin & Merle in Cathedral Square in 1937


Three generations - Alice Todd, Venis Olin & Merle in Cathedral ...

Father Christmas at Beaths, 1957

December 1957

Going to see Father Christmas at Beaths.

Hornby League Football Team, 1915


Hornby Rugby League Football Team, winners of the Junior Flag ...

Hornby Five Stone Ten Pound Team


Hornby Rugby League Football Club, Five Stone Ten Pound Team, ...

Wharenui School Cadets 1909


Taken in September 1909 just two and a half years after Wharenui ...

Wharenui School Memorial Gates


Photo showing memorial gates at their original site on the ...

Cathedral Cuties


Pauline Ormandy (left) and Colleen Finn (right) by the Cathedral ...

DIY - 1950s style.


Harry Clarke about to paint house at 66 Mt Pleasant Road.  View ...

New Vauxhall Victor at new university


This photo was commissioned by Farmers Motors to display the ...

Lyttelton Dry Dock

circa 1900

Entry in the Christchurch City Libraries 2010 Photo Hunt.

MED Building from the air 1939


The M.E.D. Building is shown at the centre of this photo, on ...

37 - Wardells - Kincaids


Wardells - Kincaids Grocery, on the eastern side of Papanui ...

Cashel Street, December 1900

December 1900

Decorated for the Canterbury Jubilee, 1900.

Rapaki, 1948.


Rapaki, 1948. These photos are of the girls from Papanui ...

Group by Lyttelton Harbour


These photos are of the girls from Papanui Technical High ...

Girl's gate at Papanui High School


The girl's gate at Papanui High School. There were separate ...

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