Fire Truck in Cathedral Square

Rubbish collection truck and crew

Policewoman in Cathedral Square

Sewerage treatment plant, Pages Road, Bromley

Blue Rubbish Bags & Seagulls at the Bexley Tip

Hay's Supermarket, Northlands Shopping Centre

Faith's Unique Shopping Service (FUSS)

Christchurch Hospital from Avon River

Children lying on stretchers outside the Fresh Air Home

A returned soldier in a motorcycle sidecar taking food to patients during the 1918 influenza epidemic

Some members of the St John Ambulance Brigade with the vehicles used as ambulances during the influenza epidemic

Council bins, Marine Parade, South New Brighton

Christchurch Hospital during construction

Water pumping station, Colombo Street

Waterworks shift engineer Mr J. Taylor

Christchurch Fire Engine

Constable Keith with Sniff the police dog

EcoSort Recycling Centre Open Day 2018

Christchurch Hospital

Christchurch Hospital nursing staff

Nurses' Home, Christchurch

Coronation Hospital

Police dog demonstration

Century SuperValue

Stanmore Road New World supermarket

Checkout operator at Northlands SuperValue

New Brighton firefighters

Latest contributions

Mahars Playground Mahars Road, Mairehau

26 March 2020

Mahars Playground Mahars Road, Mairehau on March 26th 2020, the ...

Stanmore Road New World during Covid-19 Lockdown

2 April 2020

Tents have been put up for customers to wait while physical ...

First day of COVID-19 lockdown, Hoon Hay

Thursday 26 March 2020

First day of the COVID-19 lockdown in Christchurch during a ...

Scott Statue with cone

22 February 2020

Robert Falcon Scott statue with the addition of a cone.

View from the Sign of the Bellbird

12 November 2007

Sign of the Bellbird, originally developed in 1914 by Harry Ell ...

Teddy Bears Picnic

30 March 2020

Teddy Bears Picnic on Harris Crescent as part of the Bear Hunt ...

Moorhouse Avenue

3 July 2007

Looking east along Moorhouse Avenue, near Manchester Street, ...

Car Bear

30 March 2020

Bear in car window on Harris Crescent as part of the Bear Hunt ...

Light installations at FESTA 2014

September 2014

Road cones featured prominantely in light installations at FESTA ...

B-boys and B-girls

26 February 2010

B-boy crews battle it out as part of the Celebrating a Safer ...

Exercise activity in Hagley Park cordoned off by Police Emergency tape during Covid-19 lockdown.

30 March 2020

Exercise activity in Hagley Park cordoned off by Police ...

Getting some fresh air

28 March 2020

Family out for a bike ride and walk and fresh air at Halswell ...

Corona virus warning at Halswell Quarry

28 March 2020

Corona virus warning at the entrance to Halswell Quarry.


28 March 2020

Cattle in a paddock on Kennedys Bush Road.

Harakeke at Halswell Quarry

28 March 2020

Harakeke at Halswell Quarry.

Fencing project

28 March 2020

Men working on a fencing project on Halswell Road. During the ...

Waiting to jigsaw

29 March 2020

Sami waiting to start jigsawing on a rainy Sunday during the ...

Sitting on the fence

29 March 2020

Bear on a fence on Halswell Road. Part of the bear hunt ...

Empty streets

29 March 2020

Wet early evening on 29 March and no cars to be seen on Halswell ...

Unimog Bear

29 March 2020

Bear in the windscreen of a Unimog parked on Galway Ave during ...

Elephant Slide

28 March 2020

Elephant slide practising social distancing during the Covid-19 ...

Tree Bear

28 March 2020

Bear in a tree on Harris Crescent for the Bear Hunt during the ...

Teddies in the driveway

27 March 2020

Teddies on guard in a driveway in Kennedys Bush Road, Halswell. ...

Working from home on a wet day

30 March 2020

Working from home on a wet Monday during the Corona virus ...

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