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Voted Christchurch Best Demo 2012


Best demolition prize for 2012 on fence of former Crown Plaza ...

Mural Worcester Street


Mural Worcester Street Police Building on Hereford Street in ...

Sydenham after the quake 2011


Sydenham after the quake 2011. Colombo Street South, Sydenham ...

80's Event at Linwood Library

July 2018

Linwood Library staff dress in their fabulous 80's outfits to ...

Cousins at the Botanical gardens


Cousins at the Botanical gardens. Note there are only two boys ...

Peter Harkness


Peter Harkness of Lyttelton. The British Petroleum Company's ...

James and Hannah Huston


James and Hannah Huston at their last home, at 48 St Davids ...

Trinty Hockey Senior Team, Lyttelton

circa 1949

Trinity Hockey Senior Team, Lyttelton. Late 1940's. Left to ...

Hilda and Hannah

circa 1911

Hilda Huston on the left with her mother Hannah. Her youngest ...

Hilda Harkness


Hilda Harkness in wheelchair on the left born in Lyttelton on 3 ...

Walter Harkness

circa 1926

Walter Harkness lived at 77 Reserve Terrace. He was a local ...

Lyttelton band


This was the Lyttelton local band. Most of the men play their ...

Walter Harkness at his daughter's 21st birthday.

circa 1947

Walter Harkness at his daughter's 21st birthday on the 26 June. ...

Huston children

circa 1896

This is a studio photo taken in Lyttelton. The girls are the ...

Hannah Christina Ford

21 January 1888

Hannah Christina Ford sometimes called Honora, on her wedding ...

James Huston

21 January 1888

James Huston, had 10 children and 20 grandchildren and 33 great ...

James Huston

circas 1920s

James Huston, b. 25 June 1863 at Hobart Tasmania, Australia. He ...

Foyer of United Nations


Foyer of United Nations (NY)

Hunter, Mt Holsworth


Mt Holsworth, Waiarapa with Ruapehu in the background

Letter boxes


Letter boxes - Highway to Darfield

Amanda Jane Clapp


Portrait of Amanda Jane Clapp

Sitting room


Sitting room at 277 Riccarton Road. Mother, 3 older brothers ...

Cathedral Square


Christchurch Cathedral Square 1975. I was a 14 year old doing a ...

Four Avenues School


Four Avenues School. 1975. 26 Gloucester Street. I was the first ...

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