About the Discovery Wall

The Discovery Wall is a large interactive exhibition which allows several people to simultaneously explore images and stories of the history of the people and places of Christchurch. It is viewable on the ground floor of Tūranga, Central Library, 60 Cathedral Square, Christchurch, New Zealand and on the Mobile Discovery Wall. As the Mobile Discovery Wall moves around, please check christchurchcitylibraries.com for current location details.

The Discovery Wall showcases images and videos curated from the Christchurch City Libraries Digital Heritage collection and appropriate material from other institutions. Content has been contributed by the city’s past and present residents and visitors and contributions can be made directly through the discovery wall website.

The curated images and videos presented on the Discovery Wall are also accessible through the Discovery Wall website at discoverywall.nz. Discoverywall.nz is one of Christchurch City Libraries websites and as such the images here will be included in Canterbury Stories which is the Christchurch City Libraries digital heritage repository website at canterburystories.nz.

We invite you, your family and iwi, society or club to contribute your images and memories to be permanently preserved in the collection directly through discoverywall.nz.

As items depict the past, some images on the Discovery Wall and discovery wall website may not represent current values, practices or standards. Collecting images that reflect their time enables understanding of the past and encourages conversations. Please also note that some items may contain images of people who have since died.


Reuse and Reproduction

This material has been provided for private study purposes (such as school projects, family and local history research) and any published reproduction (print or electronic) may infringe copyright law. Please contact Christchurch City Libraries if you have any questions relating to the use of this material.

It is the responsibility of the user to obtain clearance from the copyright holder.

The reuse of newly contributed images are also covered under the Terms of Use and by the licence applied by the contributor.


How do I know if something is in copyright?

Copyright in New Zealand is governed by the Copyright act 1994.

Digital New Zealand have a number of guides regarding reuse.

Check the very handy New Zealand copyright status of photographs flowchart when submitting photographs. If a photograph was taken prior to 1944 is is likely to be out of copyright.


What's this creative commons thing?

A creative commons license allows people to reuse in certain ways items that are in copyright. Each licence is explained at the Creative Commons site.

Creative Commons Kiwi is a short and fun animation video that explains the CC licenses. "Have you ever wondered how to download and share digital content legally? How do you let people know that you want them to reuse your own work? Creative Commons licences can help you do both. We'll show you how.”


Who created the Discovery Wall?

The Discovery Wall has been curated with the content held by Christchurch City Libraries with the experience designed by Gibson International.


Frequently asked questions

Who can use the Discovery Wall?

The permanent Discovery Wall at Tūranga, Christchurch and the smaller, Mobile Discovery Wall can be used by anyone. Just walk up and start exploring our city’s rich history with your fingertips.

How can I contribute my images to the Discovery Wall?

You can upload right now from this site. Ask a librarian if you need help. Simply select CONTRIBUTE at the top of the page. You will then be asked to register an account with discoverywall.nz and agree to the Terms of Use.

How do I create and access my Discovery Wall account?

Create and Sign in to your account through the sign In button at the top right of the screen. When you are logged in your Username will display next to a Sign Out button at the top right. When signed in you can contribute, manage your contributions and manage your favourites.

What types of files can I contribute to the Discovery Wall?

You can contribute jpg, png or gif images or mov, avi or mp4 videos.

What happens to the images and videos I contribute?

They are moderated and processed with metadata such as tags added to the record. A high resolution copy of the image or video is taken and stored as a Master file to ensure future access.

Images and videos contributed may also be displayed in the library and on other Christchurch City Libraries websites such as canterburystories.nz.

Are all contributed images accepted?

Not all contributed images can be included in the Discovery Wall. Reasons an image may not be accepted include that it may not meet the Christchurch City Library content development policy, the resolution of an image may be too small or the copyright status.

Can I comment on Discovery Wall images?

Yes, you can add your comment to any image you see on the Discovery Wall or website. Use this space to comment on or provide more information about the specific image you are viewing. If you want to make a general comment about the Discovery Wall or website, please use our GUESTBOOK.

Can I favourite  Discovery Wall images?

Yes, you can favourite images and create folders to manage them. Add them and create folders through the 'Add to favourites' button on the item page. You need to be logged into your account to do this. You can view and manage your favourites through the Your favourited items page.

Will I see my images and comments right away on the Discovery Wall?

When you are visiting the Discovery Wall at Tūranga, your comments will be displayed briefly so you can see them. They will then fade away until they have been approved by the Discovery Wall team.

All images and comments are moderated by the library to guard against objectionable or illegal content. Please be patient while we do this. Normally your comments will be in full view within 3 working days but delays may occur.

Contact the Discovery Wall

The Discovery Wall and this website is a service of Christchurch City Libraries and general contact can be made through our Contact Us page.

If you wish to contact us about a piece of content you can use "Report this media" link available on each page.