Wedding party members in Redwood

December 1969

Wedding party members in Redwood

December 1969

A bridesmaid and flowergirl on the wedding day of Patricia Martin on her wedding day prior to becoming Trish Burren. "Don't know who the flower girl was, the photograph was taken on the front lawn of No 339? Main North Road, Redwood. The new library is just over the fence. The house they lived in had a veranda across the front and a square bay near the driveway. The land behind the house was a big farm for cattle and cut paddocks for hay in summertime. Thought to have belonged to the White family. The house was a wooden building thought to be of sound structure and at the time of the new library being built it ws demolished, it was said that people thought it could have been used for some sort of community activities. The tree in the photograph is now a large elm growing in from of the where the house once was." - Contributor's note

Area: North / Redwood

Contributor: Trevor Paul Newton

Source: Entry in the 2020 Christchurch City Libraries Photo Hunt

Reference ID: CCL-PH20-TrNe-004

Uploaded by: CCL Photo Hunt

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