Dawn Mk-II Aurora

29 July 2020

Dawn Mk-II Aurora

29 July 2020

Introducing the Dawn Mk-II Aurora, the latest vehicle on Dawn Aerospace's new road to space. Accessing space in a whole new way, the Mk-II Aurora is capable of multiple flights per day to 100 km and above. Taking off and landing from standard airports, alongside normal aircraft, this vehicle merges the world of rockets and aviation. It is the first space-faring vehicle in NZ's history to be granted a licence to fly from a normal airport, in harmony with normal aircraft. It was built in Christchurch, New Zealand and is flying from airports across the South Island of New Zealand.

The Mk-II Aurora, a sub-scale suborbital vehicle, has been built to demonstrate Dawn’s core technology for daily access to space. It is the latest vehicle of a series that will one day deliver satellites and assets to, and return them from, space. The vehicle’s 3U payload is capable of hosting scientific experiments. The next vehicle in Dawn’s series, the Mk-III, will be based on this design, but much larger and capable of delivering 50-100 kg satellites to orbit.

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