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Steps into sand dunes, Waimairi Beach

1 April 2018

Steps from sand dunes down onto Waimairi Beach.

Driftwood Shelter

30 March 2018

Driftwood shelter at Waimairi Beach.

Bottle Lake Forest scene

30 March 2018

View of trees and water on Lima Road in Bottle Lake Forest.

All Fires Prohibited sign

30 March 2018

No fire sign and map of the area at the entrance to Bottle Lake ...

Broomfield Common

1 April 2018

View across Broomfield Common to new housing on Menin Gate ...

Fire Danger Sign

25 March 2018

Close-up of a fire danger sign reflected in a puddle near ...

Couplands Garden

1 April 2018

Couplands garden, next to the Couplands Bakeries building at 140 ...

Seagulls at Windsurfers Reserve

28 March 2018

A flock of seagulls on the grass at Windsurfers Reserve with ...

Gapfiller Library and Traffic Sheep

29 March 2018

View of the Gapfiller Library, called the Think Differently Book ...

Water Tower in Burnside Park

1 April 2018

Water tower in Burnside Park, currently being used by a ...

Burnside Rugby Football Club

1 April 2018

Burnside Rugby Football Club in Burnside Park.

Christchurch Air Force Memorial

1 April 2018

Replica Spitfire, the Christchurch Air Force Memorial outside ...

Memorial Avenue Gateway Bridge

1 April 2018

View of the Memorial Avenue Gateway Bridge on State Highway 1 ...

Elmwood Normal School, Merivale


Elmwood Normal School, Merivale

St Annes Church Fair

2 December 2017

St Annes Anglican Church at 7 Wilsons Road, St Martins is at ...

Halswell Model Railway

29 March 2015

The model railway is operated by members of the Canterbury ...

Bus Stop, Cavendish Road

19 August 2017

Temporary bus stop on Cavendish Road.

Antigua Boatsheds

27 February 2010

2 Cambridge Terrace.

Mountain biking on the Bowenvale traverse track

19 October 2017

My wife Sharne mountain biking on the traverse trail between the ...

Construction on Oxford Terrace

11 October 2015.

Construction on Oxford Terrace. Corner of Oxford Terrace and ...

The Chalice

17 February 2011

Chalice was commissioned as part of Turning Point 2000, an ...

Oil covered protesters at New Brighton Beach

22 February 2014

Opposition protest at New Brighton Beach, Christchurch, to deep ...

Sunrise at New Brighton

20 August 2015

Sunrise at New Brighton.

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