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New Brighton Pier at dawn

29 May 2019

New Brighton Pier at dawn with red reflections.

Tūranga Library - Children's area

5 June 2019

Stunning golden tree in the children's area in Tūranga - ...

Peacock Fountain in late Autumn

5 June 2019

Peacock Fountain in the entrance to the Christchurch Botanic ...

Learning to sit

1 June 2018

A nine week old puppy learns to sit!


20 April 2011

This was a piece done for GreenPeace in relation to an Oil Spill ...

Peter Donnelly "Sand man"

17 December 2010

Some of Peter Donnellys' artworks from his Sandman days. ...

Crowd building Cardboard Cathedral

09 September 2017

French artist Olivier Grossetete and others build a cardboard ...

Cardboard Cathedral Arts festival 2017

09 September 2017

French artist Olivier Grossetete builds a temporary cardboard ...

The lodge at Mona Vale

27 January 2018

The lodge at the Mona Vale Avenue entrance.

The gazebo at Mona Vale

27 January 2018

The gazebo at Mona Vale. 40 Mona Vale Avenue, Fendalton

The bathhouse at Mona Vale

27 January 2018

The bathhouse at Mona Vale.

Mona Vale Homestead

27 January 2018

Mona Vale Homestead. Originally called Karewa, prominent ...

Te Whare Karakia o Ōnuku

December 2018

Te Whare Karakia o Ōnuku. Ōnuku Marae, Akaroa

Armistice Day 2018

11 November 2018

People at the memorial service at the Bridge of Remembrance on ...

Tree Roots

27 May 2019

Amazing tree roots at Riccarton Bush.


26 May 2019

Cousins sliding at the Margaret Mahy playground.

Christchurch Cathedral Choristers

4 April 2019

Christchurch cathedral chorister’s who sing in the ...

Christchurch Cathedral Choristers

5 May 2019

Christchurch Cathedral Choristers. Who perform in the ...

East window restored

March 2018

The east window, damaged by the fire, has been carefully ...

New stairs

March 2018

The stairs, damaged by the fire, have been carefully restored.

New sprinklers

March 2018

Sprinklers were installed to ensure the Vicarage is going to be ...

Hidden colours

February 2017

Moving the Vicarage we uncovered several layers of paint.

Moving it back

November 2017

Moving the Vicarage back on its new foundations

Moving it back

November 2017

The Vicarage was moved back on its new foundations.

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