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Heathcote River from Rutherford Street bridge


The Woolston Cut by night.

Artwork by Wongi Wilson

5 July 2020

Artwork in Connal Street.

Woolston Primary School pupils fundraise for Tonga

12 March 1982

Woolston Primary School students handing the president of the ...

Queen Victoria Jubilee Memorial Home

25 May 1953

Exterior of the Queen's Jubilee Memorial Home, at 2 Jubilee ...

Radley Mill, Woolston

24 November 1971

Radley Mill, the site of Kaiapoi Textiles Limited in Woolston.

Driving a battery powered car

3 March 1976

Battery powered Enfield car produced by Amalgamated Batteries ...

Battery powered Enfield car

3 March 1976

A battery powered Enfield car at Amalgamated Batteries Limited, ...

Bamford Street House


Mr Evans in the doorway of his house at 112 Bamford Street.

Woolston house in "Big Snow" of 1992

August 1992

House in St Luke's Street, Woolston 1992.

Red Wooden Phone Box


Red Wooden Phone Box in Woolston 1985.

Spiritualist Church Woolston


Spiritualist Church 41 Glenroy Street Woolston.

Chapmans Road railway crossing


Chapmans Road intersecting the railway lines, looking towards ...

Woolston 1980s


Curries Road with Hillsborough Tavern bottom right.

Bill Agnew with golf clubs at Spalding's Woolston plant on Radley Street.

2 April 1983

Bill Agnew with golf clubs at Spalding's Woolston plant on ...

Golf clubs manufactured at Spalding's Woolston plant on Radley Street.

7 December 1978

Golf clubs manufactured at Spalding's Woolston plant on Radley ...

Golf ball machine

10 April 1975

Golf ball manufacturing machine at Gollin Sports Limited on ...

Gollin Sports Limited factory

11 April 1975

The Radley Street factory of Gollin Sports Limited in Woolston.

Fancy dress at Labour Day picnic

24 October 1983

A child dressed up at the Labour Day picnic in Woolston Park.

Labour Day picnic white elephant stall

24 October 1973

Thelma Smith and Dave Hines at the white elephant stall at the ...

Flooding in Judge Street, from Tabart Street


Flooding looking towards Judge Street, Opawa, from Tabart ...

The garden of Mr D. Norton, 66 Matlock Street, Woolston.

15 February 1938.

Secured the Challenge Cup for the most outstanding garden in any ...

Former horse trough

22 October 1960

A former horse trough on the corner of Richardson Terrace and ...

Mrs Weir's dairy

2 April 1977

H.L. Weir outside her dairy on the corner of Randolph Street and ...

Catherine Street footbridge

11 December 1961

The nearly completed footbridge over the Heathcote River at the ...

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