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Riccarton Mall Carpark

27 September 2012

Riccarton Mall Carpark, with the Port Hills and hill suburbs in ...

Kerstin and Michelle at Christchurch Adventure Park


Kerstin (right) and Michelle have been friends for 3 years as ...

Michelle at Lyttelton


Kerstin and Michelle (pictured) have been friends for 3 years as ...

Felsi and Nela out walking

January 2020

Felsi (left) and Nela are friends as part of the IHC Volunteer ...

Leua Iosefa


Leua Iosefa posing in the Port Hills while driving around with ...

Burnside High GeographytTrip to the Port Hills

10 November 1978

Burnside High Geography trip to the Port Hills. Jill, Karen, ...

At the top of the Port Hills


A man sitting on the rocks on top of Port Hills, Lyttelton ...

View from the Gondola Station

October 2019

Looking across from the Gondola Station across the Port Hills ...

Snow on the Port Hills

July 2003

View of snow covering the area surrounding a road on the Port ...

Rapaki & Church Bay 1960s


View from the Summit Road looking towards Rapaki and across to ...

Governors Bay 1960's


View of Governors bay from Dyers Pass Road.

Heathcote 1960s


View from the Bridle Path on the Port Hills looking towards ...

Summit Road


"Helen, Anne and John Hurley. Summit Road 1956. HAJ Hillman" - ...

South Christchurch


View looking across south Christchurch towards the Port Hills.

View from the Central Fire Station

29 October 1964

View from the Central Fire Station looking south west across the ...

Housing in Papanui


View of residential housing along Grassmere Street in Papanui ...

Houses on Grassmere Street


View across houses and parkland in Papanui, with Grassmere ...

Grassmere Street, Papanui


View across houses along Grassmere Street in Papanui looking ...

Corner of High and Cashel Street


View along High Street at the intersection with Cashel Street ...

View over Sydenham


View from the Christchurch Railway Station tower across Sydenham ...

Barbed wire framing the Port Hills

May 2020

Artistic photo of some barbed wire with the Port Hills in the ...

View from the Port Hills

May 2020

A stunning day in the Port Hills during Level 3 lockdown.

Gallipoli Pine at Elizabeth Park

2 September 1961

Members of the Canterbury branch of the Main Body Association ...

Battle of Crete Commemorations Victoria Park

20 May 1984

Crete Veterans including Charles Upham (left) at Elisabeth Park ...

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