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Cathedral Square


Christchurch Cathedral Square 1975. I was a 14 year old doing a ...

Four Avenues School


Four Avenues School. 1975. 26 Gloucester Street. I was the first ...

New City Clipper bus

1 July 1975

One of the new City Clipper buses in Cathedral Square outside ...

Helmores Lane bridge

15 January 1975

N. Rudkin and her daughter, Kate Rudkin, on the Helmores Lane ...

South Brighton bridge

20 May 1975

The South Brighton bridge which crosses the estuary near the ...

Kairaki Beach motor camp

25 January 1975

View of caravans with neatly pruned hedges separating the ...

Cark parking on Ilam Road

5 March 1975

Cars parked on Ilam Road outside the Student Union building at ...

Motorists filling their cars

23 May 1975

Motorists queuing to fill their cars after the announcement of ...

Auction at Turners and Growers

27 September 1975

Produce being auctioned at Turners and Growers on Tuam Street.

Family birthday

20 December 1975

Family tea for my mother's birthday. My mother (in blue) and my ...

Harewood School open plan classroom

17 May 1975

View of teacher, V. McLeod supervising students in the open plan ...

Theatre Royal

8 March 1975

Exterior of the Theatre Royal at 145 Gloucester Street with a ...

Barclay Cinema

29 March 1975

Children queuing outside the Barclay Cinema on Papanui Road, on ...

Barclay Cinema

5 April 1975

A group of children queuing outside the Barclay Cinema on ...

Site of former Lido Cinema

3 June 1975

Site of the demolished cinema The Lido on Seaview Road in New ...

Canterbury Surf Life Saving display

1 February 1975

View of the Tiki II on display by the Canterbury Surf Life ...

Dominion Mutual Securities building

5 August 1975

The Dominion Mutual Securities builidng on the corner of Colombo ...

Cashmere Presbyterian Church

7 June 1975

Cashmere Presbyterian Church on the corner of Dyers Pass Road ...

Cashmere Presbyterian church

7 June 1975

Exterior of Cashmere Presbyterian church.

Cashmere Presbyterian church

7 June 1975

Exterior of Cashmere Presbyterian church.

Roofing Trinity Church

1 October 1975

Peter Ballard on the roof of the Trinity Church overlooking ...

Interior of State Trinity Centre

19 November 1975

Preparing the interior of the State Trinity Centre for opening.

St Paul's Trinity Pacific Church restoration

7 August 1975

Restoration of the interior of St Paul's Trinity Pacific Church.

State Trinity Centre

19 November 1975

The State Trinity Centre prior to its opening.

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