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Sarona Ai'ono, Peter Ai'ono and Fa'asala Ai'ono


Sarona Ai'ono, Peter Ai'ono and Fa'asala Ai'ono at the ...

Pontiac Catalina at Mt Cook

December 1975

A Pontiac Catalina owned by the contributor when he was 31 years ...

Firehose demonstration at Isleworth Primary School

24 September 1975

Firefighter, S. McNair, helps Nichola Phillips use a firehose at ...

40 Hour Famine participants at Opawa Baptist Church

16 August 1975

A group of girls from Opawa Baptist Church who are participating ...

Knitting for the Himalayan Trust Hospital

22 September 1975

Members of the Christchurch Rotoract Club participating in a ...

H.G. Stiles repairing sewing machines

6 October 1975

H.G. Stiles of the Bishopdale-Burnside Rotary Club with Singer ...

Canterbury Aged Peoples Welfare Council house

10 May 1975

Exterior of a house in Sumner that has just been acquired by the ...

Fire engines at Ralph Gracie Limited

26 May 1975

Firefighters and fire engines outside Ralph Gracie Limited at 85 ...

Slippery dip slide at Industries Fair

30 August 1975

Michael Wood (left), Bert Jason (centre) and Wayne Koti on the ...

Golf ball machine

10 April 1975

Golf ball manufacturing machine at Gollin Sports Limited on ...

Gollin Sports Limited factory

11 April 1975

The Radley Street factory of Gollin Sports Limited in Woolston.

The trabant ride

15 November 1975

Riding the trabant at the Canterbury Agricultural and Pastoral ...

Darra remains, Quail Island

5 July 1975

The remains of a coal hulk, Darra, at Quail Island.

New Zealand Day garden party

7 February 1975

Attendees at the New Zealand Day garden party at Elizabeth ...

Riccarton Road roundabout

3 September 1975

Aerial view of the roundabout on Riccarton Road at the ...

Rockinghorse Road protest

12 February 1975

Residents of Rockinghorse Road with a petition protesting the ...

Rockinghorse Road inspection

18 February 1975

Mayor Hamish Hay inspects the condition of Rockinghorse Road ...

Teachers College mobile television unit

26 November 1975

S.R. Gerrand demonstrating the interior of the mobile television ...

Teachers College mobile television unit

26 November 1975

View of S. R. Gerrand on top of the newly purchased mobile ...

Rockgas shortage

16 December 1975

Rockgas attendant, Gordon Hooper, with gas canisters waiting to ...

Timaru's gas plant

1 May 1975

The gas plant on Perth Street, Timaru.

Gasholder collapse

22 December 1975

Ken Burridge (left) and Eric Gorman view the collapsed crown of ...

Gasholders beside Moorhouse Avenue

5 July 1975

Number 7 and number 6 gasholders at the Christchurch Gas Company ...

Timaru gas supply

27 August 1975

Gas supply site in Timaru.

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