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Industrial estate on Wairakei Road

20 September 1975

View of grounds at the Industrial estate on Wairakei Road. A ...

Fibreboard plant production line

6 September 1975

Production line at the fibreboard plant at Canterbury Timber ...

Shackel Meats portion control

18 February 1975

The portion control plant of Shackel Meats on Lichfield Street.

Shackel Meats

18 February 1975

Vemag sausage machine at Shackel Meats.

Butchery window display by Trevor Childs

7 March 1975

Butcher Trevor Childs with display at a Colombo Street butchery.

The Continental Room of the White Heron

22 October 1975

Interior of the Continental Room restaurant with diners at the ...

Dance rehearsal by Court Theatre performers

26 July 1975

Members of the Court Theatre at the Christchurch Arts Centre ...

Relocating books from the old university site

9 July 1975

Chris James with geography department books for relocation to ...

Music performance at the Great Hall

26 July 1975

Members of the Christchurch School of Instrumental Music ...

Flood damaged onions

14 March 1975

Lawrence Free, a market gardener, with flood damaged onions in ...

Damage to No. 4 stand

1 August 1975

Damage to the roof of the No.4 stand at Lancaster Park caused by ...

Helicopter brings supplies

27 November 1975

Helicopter transporting roofing materials at Lyttelton.

Operation Deep Freeze servicemen and wives

10 March 1975

Operation Deep Freeze servicemen and their New Zealand wives at ...

Aerial view of Christchurch snow

August 1975

Aerial view of central Christchurch looking south over Moorhouse ...

Clearing snow on Dyers Pass Road

4 July 1975

A grader clearing the snow on Dyers Pass Road with cars and ...

Aerial view of McVicar Timber Ltd

25 February 1975

McVicar Timber Ltd in Johns Road, seen from the air.

Timber sorting table

25 February 1975

Murray McGregor (left) and Edwin Cross sat on the largest timber ...

Fletchers Mandeville Street factory

8 March 1975

Preparation of logs for veneering at Fletchers Mandeville Street ...

Railway lines and train in snow

22 July 1975

A train makes its way along the railway lines surrounded by ...

McPierson Limited, Wairakei Road

20 September 1975

McPierson Limited at the Industrial subdivision in Wairakei ...

Canterbury Public Library annex space

25 November 1975

The site of the new annex at the Canterbury Public Library prior ...

The new annex for Canterbury Public Library

25 November 1975

The new annex ready and waiting to be installed at Canterbury ...

Story time for children

29 August 1975

Bill Elderton, children's librarian, reading to a group of ...

Canterbury Public Library annex

20 December 1975

The annex to the Canterbury Public Library being delivered by ...

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