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Cashmere Presbyterian Church

7 June 1975

Cashmere Presbyterian Church on the corner of Dyers Pass Road ...

Cashmere Presbyterian church

7 June 1975

Exterior of Cashmere Presbyterian church.

Cashmere Presbyterian church

7 June 1975

Exterior of Cashmere Presbyterian church.

Roofing Trinity Church

1 October 1975

Peter Ballard on the roof of the Trinity Church overlooking ...

Interior of State Trinity Centre

19 November 1975

Preparing the interior of the State Trinity Centre for opening.

St Paul's Trinity Pacific Church restoration

7 August 1975

Restoration of the interior of St Paul's Trinity Pacific Church.

State Trinity Centre

19 November 1975

The State Trinity Centre prior to its opening.

Dominion Mutual Securities building

5 August 1975

View from the Dominion Mutual Securities building during ...

52 Worcester Boulevard

24 September 1975

Exterior of a newly completed office building for M. I. Clifford ...

Ministry of Transport traffic control centre

6 December 1975

John Bryce (left), Dave Haley and chief traffic officer, Ian ...

Traffic control centre and computer

1 August 1975

View of the inner city traffic control centre. To the left is ...

Adhesive road markings

7 May 1975

Council workers Alan Gibbs and Brian Neill laying out stick on ...

Traffic jam on Kilmore Street

10 June 1975

Traffic jam on Kilmore Street ahead of a graduation ceremony at ...

Newmans Coach Line Tuam Street depot

10 December 1975

Customers being served in the Newmans coach terminus at 110 Tuam ...

Newmans Coach Line Tuam Street depot

18 December 1975

The interior of the Newmans coach depot at 110 Tuam Street.

Blue Room at the Yaldhurst Hotel

23 April 1975

Interior of the Blue Room restaurant at the Yaldhurst Hotel.

Industrial estate on Wairakei Road

20 September 1975

View of grounds at the Industrial estate on Wairakei Road. A ...

Fibreboard plant production line

6 September 1975

Production line at the fibreboard plant at Canterbury Timber ...

Shackel Meats portion control

18 February 1975

The portion control plant of Shackel Meats on Lichfield Street.

Shackel Meats

18 February 1975

Vemag sausage machine at Shackel Meats.

Butchery window display by Trevor Childs

7 March 1975

Butcher Trevor Childs with display at a Colombo Street butchery.

The Continental Room of the White Heron

22 October 1975

Interior of the Continental Room restaurant with diners at the ...

Dance rehearsal by Court Theatre performers

26 July 1975

Members of the Court Theatre at the Christchurch Arts Centre ...

Relocating books from the old university site

9 July 1975

Chris James with geography department books for relocation to ...

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