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Afternoon tea for elderly

31 March 1976

A large afternoon tea event for older adults inside a hanger at ...

Air Scouts and Boeing 727

25 August 1984

Three Air Scouts in front of an RNZAF Boeing 727. Pictured from ...

Start of the Lady Wigram Race at Wigram airfield

26 January 1957

Crowds of people at Wigram Airfield watching the start of the ...

Marching between Wigram Air Force base and Harewood


"My father often regaled us of tales of the many marches between ...

Tiger Moth at Wings and Wheels

17 February 1989

Sergeant Buck Harrison makes adjustments to the engine of Tiger ...

Rob Whitehouse racing his 1953 Cooper Mk 2

10 February 1986

Rob Whitehouse racing his 1953 Cooper Mk 2 at Wings and Wheels.

Skyhawk on display at Wigram

10 February 1986

Visitors to Wigram Wings and Wheels examine an A4 Skyhawk

Fletcher FU24 top dressing at Wigram air base

16 February 1987

A Fletcher FU24 top dresser gives a demonstration at the Wings ...

Terry Courtney on a motor bike at Wings and Wheels

16 February 1987

A crowd watches motorcycle rider, Terry Courtney, give a ...

Restored Invicta S Type

5 December 1983

The restored Invicta S Type (No. 9) belonging to J.T. Phillips ...

Aerial shot of crowd at Wigram

3 December 1983

Aerial view of a show at Wigram Air Base.

Aerial shot of crowd at Wigram

3 December 1983

Aerial view of a show at Wigram Air Base.

Bentley in a car race at Wigram

7 December 1981

Car race with a Bentley in the foreground at the Wheels and ...

Annual Wings and Wheels Exhibition at Wigram

29 January 1985

A crowd at Wings and Wheels airshow. An RNZAF A4 Skyhawk is in ...

Supervised bus drive at Wings and Wheels, Wigram

29 November 1983

A bus is being driven along a course marked by road cones at ...

Ferrari at Wings and Wheels exhibtion

21 February 1989

Lawrie Steere driving a 1985 Ferrari 308 GTBi QV at Wings and ...

A4 Skyhawk with Tiger Moth

5 December 1983

Closeup of RNZAF A4 Skyhawk, with a Tiger Moth in the ...

Wigram Hangars

20 October 2009

Aircraft Hangars, formerly part of RNZAF Base Wigram, now ...

Wigram Control Tower


The control Tower of the former Wigram Air Base, very much in ...

Biplane at Wigram Airfield, Christchurch


Biplane at Wigram Airfield, Christchurch.

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