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Abbie Tipler with a Christmas tree

19 December 1984

Abbie Tipler with her selection of a Christmas tree purchased ...

Wedding in the provincial council chambers

17 December 1984

Helen de Wit and Chris Pascoe marry getting married in the ...

Big Feet ice creams

12 December 1984

Lynette Pinn with St Theresa's School pupils and Big Feet ice ...

Paparua County Library book sale

17 December 1984

Groups of people sorting through books at the book sale at ...

Arson damage at Paparua County council library

10 December 1984

Interior of Paparua County Council library on Goulding Avenue, ...

Christchurch Cathedral Nativity

December 1984

Nativity play outside Christchurch Cathedral, 1984.

Nativity Christchurch Cathedral 1984

December 1984

Nativity Christchurch Cathedral 1984

ChristChurch Cathedral Nativity

December 1984

Nativity scene in ChristChurch Cathedral.

ChristChurch Cathedral Christmas 1984

December 1984

Nativity at ChristChurch Cathedral, Christmas 1984

The Star Christmas party

7 December 1984

Maud Burn, resident at Golden Age Rest Home and attendee of ...

Letters for Santa Claus

20 December 1984

Margaret Zuurfeld of the New Zealand Post Office, with letters ...

Santa Claus in the Town Hall fountain

17 December 1984

A man dressed as Santa Claus stood in front of the Ferrier ...

Salvation Army Christmas toy collection

5 December 1984

Major Gilbert Beale of the Salvation Army with a selection of ...

Starlets with Clowns

14 December 1984

Starlets posing with clowns as they arrive for the Starlets ...

Constable Keith with Sniff the police dog

14 December 1984

Constable Keith, from the Christchurch Police Band, with Sniff ...

The Hootenannies at the Starlets Christmas Party

7 December 1984

The Star Hootenannies singing "Grandma's Feather Bed" on stage ...

Ghostbuster and ghost costumes


Peter Hampton dressed as a Ghostbuster with a person dressed as ...

University of Canterbury Students waiting for exam results

4 December 1984

University of Canterbury students checking their exam results.

Tony Smoor and beach equipment

14 December 1984

Tony Smoor with beach equipment for hire at New Brighton.

Yvonne Nieuwdorp with a poster for Summer Times

12 December 1984

Graphic designer, Yvonne Nieuwdorp, with a poster she designed ...

A dog catches a frisbee

27 December 1984

Meg catches a frisbee at Hagley Park as part of the Summer Times ...

Summer Times Festival

14 December 1984

The Wizard and Kerry McCammon opening the Summer Times festival ...

Fundraising on Sei Day with flowers

14 December 1984

Miss Debbie Andrew with Mrs Guinevere Newport (left) and Miss ...

Farmer John's restaurant

1 December 1984

Exterior and signage of Farmer John's restaurant, a hamburger ...

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