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Iron testing at the Consumers' Institute

10 April 1966

P.J. McCook giving an iron a temperature test at the Consumers' ...

Presbyterian Church, Withell's Road

28 February 1966

Congregation gathers outside the Presbyterian church, Withell's ...

Citizenship at Waimairi County Council

21 April 1966

A group who have just taken then Oath of Allegiance at the ...

Naturalisation of the Verkerks family

29 December 1966

The Verkerk family participating in a naturalisation ceremony at ...

Intersection of Cashel Street and High Street

28 May 1966

View of the Intersection of Cashel Street and High Street with ...

The Christchurch Hungarian community

29 August 1966

Members of the Hungarian community in Christchurch during feast ...

Electrical equipment display at Riccarton Mall

14 September 1966

Interior view of Riccarton Shopping Mall during an electrical ...

Injection Moulders Ltd machine

4 April 1966

A man operates a new Injection Moulders Ltd machine at the ...

Tampered meters and wires at the MED

30 April 1966

Angus McAlpine with tampered meters and spliced cables.

Diesel alternator unit

31 January 1966

Diesel alternator unit at the Christchurch City Council water ...

Sign for the Keywee Klub

24 September 1966

Sign for the Keywee Klub on the Operation Deep Freeze buildings ...

The M. O'Brien and Company factory

1 October 1966

Exterior of the M. O'Brien and Company factory at 31 Dundas ...

Town Hall model

2 July 1966

A model of the winning design for the Christchurch Town Hall.

Yacht display at Mairehau Library

19 November 1966

A P Class yacht on display in Mairehau Library to accompany a ...

Waltham School reunion

9 June 1966

Reunion of former Waltham School pupils as part of the School's ...

Workmen on the Bank of New Zealand building

21 July 1966

Workmen warming themselves with fires on top of the BNZ ...

Last section of concrete at the new BNZ building

18 November 1966

W.L. J. Travers, Christchurch BNZ bank manager, assisting in the ...

Opening of Wairakei Road Canterbury Savings Bank

19 May 1966

The president of the Canterbury Savings Bank, Mr E. S. F. ...

Post Office Savings Bank School Shield

22 July 1966

Students from Dunsandel School with Deputy Chief Postmaster, ...

Substation on Straven Road


Substation on Straven Road by the grounds of Christhurch Boys' ...

Aerial view of Huntsbury Downs

15 October 1966

Aerial view of Huntsbury Down subdivision during development at ...

Queue on Hereford Street

16 November 1966

Queue lining up on Hereford Street to obtain selected sets of ...

Master model of the 5 cent coin

18 October 1966

Close-up of the master model of the New Zealand 5 cent coin.

Master model of the 10 cent coin

18 October 1966

Close-up of the master model of the New Zealand 10 cent coin.

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