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Flooding on Harewood Road

20 December 1983

A man cycling through flooded Harewood Road.

Round-a-bout Dairy on Linwood Avenue

12 February 1988

Exterior of the Round-a-bout Dairy at 133 Linwood Avenue on the ...

Addington Mall Fish Supply on Lincoln Road


Exterior of the Addington Mall Fish Supply shop at 296 Lincoln ...

Postal delivery in the snow

7 August 1979

Postman, Barney Henderson, delivering mail in the snow.

Fog on Harper Avenue

13 June 1983

A cyclist waiting for traffic in fog on Harper Avenue next to ...

Site for Canterbury Public Library

4 April 1979

Construction site for the Canterbury Public Library on the ...

Canterbury Public Library under construction

18 June 1980

Dean Stevenson, a carpenter, stood outside the Canterbury Public ...

Anna Lawrence and Megan Gullery with bicycles

16 December 1987

Rasberry pickers, Anna Lawrence and Megan Gullery, trying to ...

Cyclists in the centennial procession

9 December 1941

Cyclists, including those on Penny Farthings, dressed in period ...

Train on Colombo Street

Train engine being towed through Colombo Street. Behind is DIC ...

Bike and scooter park at Isleworth School

30 July 2018

Busy school day, bikes and scooters parked up, wiating for the ...

ANZ Bank on New Regent Street

29 February 1968

Exterior of the New Regent Street branch of the ANZ Bank on the ...

Post Office Savings Bank Centenary

3 February 1967

Men dressed in Victoria fashion with two penny farthings to ...

Mark Nicholl with Christmas tree

13 December 1980

A child, Mark Nicholl, on his bicycle carrying a Christmas tree ...

The new Christmas bike

30 December 1976

My older brother teaching our niece to ride the new bike she got ...

New Regent Street in the central city

September 2017

View down New Regent Street once final restorations have been ...

Riding a Tricanter machine

31 March 1993

Professor David Gordon Wilson of the Massachusetts Institute of ...

Cyclist on a recumbent bicycle

19 February 1996

A cyclist riding a recumbent, front wheel drive, bicycle through ...

Mike Toohey on a penny farthing

6 August 1994

Penny farthing racer Mike Toohey aboard a bike owned by the ...

Two men sat on penny farthings

11 January 1995

Keith Guthrie (left) and Leon Nevin sat on penny farthing ...

Man on old fashioned bicycle


Man in period costume sat on an old fashioned bicycle.

Cycle track, London Street, Richmond


Cyclist racing along a cycle track on London Street, Richmond.

North West Cathedral Square

Circa 1930s

View of North West Cathedral Square of cars, trams, cyclists and ...

Crowds in Cathedral Square

Circa 1900s

Crowds in Cathedral Square looking towards the Post Office ...

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