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Papanui Petrol Dome

26 May 1979

The Papanui Petrol Dome service station

Seddons, Bishopdale Shopping Centre

19 November 1979

Exterior of Seddons Shoe Store at Bishopdale Shopping Centre.

Opawa Primary School circus day

13 March 1987

Matthew Stoddart dressed as a clown for Opawa Primary School ...

Foundation for Alcohol and Drug Education fundraiser

14 March 1997

Team riding a 30-seater Big Bike for the Foundation for Alcohol ...

Inland Revenue Department

24 August 1962

The Inland Revenue Department in the Bates Buildings.

Canterbury Society of Arts

4 February 1967

View of the Canterbury Society of Arts building on the corner of ...

Crossing Main North Road

31 January 1978

School children crossing at the intersection of Cranford Street ...

Ashby Bergh store on High Street

28 April 1967

Exterior of the Ashby Bergh retail store on High Street, south ...

Post Office Savings Bank Centenary

3 February 1967

Men dressed in Victorian fashion with two penny farthings to ...

A.G. Healing's bicycle factory

8 December 1977

Interior of A.G. Healing's bicycle factory at 67 Wickham Street ...

A.G. Healing's bicycle factory

8 December 1977

Interior of A.G. Healing's bicycle factory at 67 Wickham Street ...

Bicycle safety check at Cycle Trading Co.

18 October 1982

Keith Guthrey, owner, performs a safety check on a bicycle at ...

Ballantynes building

10 March 2011

Ballantynes building on Cashel Sreett looking towards the bridge ...

Partly collapsed buildings in Cashel Street.

10 March 2011

Partly collapsed buildings in Cashel Street looking towards the ...

Cashel mall.

10 March 2011

Not all masonry buildings suffered facade damage. Shops on ...

Ivy removal at Canterbury College

4 December 1941

Workers remove ivy from the main entrance to Canterbury College ...

Norma, Glenys and Helen off to Linwood High School, February, 1954

February, 1954

The three thirteen-year-old girls remained friends until old ...

Flooding on Harewood Road

20 December 1983

A man cycling through flooded Harewood Road.

Round-a-bout Dairy on Linwood Avenue

12 February 1988

Exterior of the Round-a-bout Dairy at 133 Linwood Avenue on the ...

Addington Mall Fish Supply on Lincoln Road


Exterior of the Addington Mall Fish Supply shop at 296 Lincoln ...

Postal delivery in the snow

7 August 1979

Postman, Barney Henderson, delivering mail in the snow.

Fog on Harper Avenue

13 June 1983

A cyclist waiting for traffic in fog on Harper Avenue next to ...

Site for Canterbury Public Library

4 April 1979

Construction site for the Canterbury Public Library on the ...

Canterbury Public Library under construction

18 June 1980

Dean Stevenson, a carpenter, stood outside the Canterbury Public ...

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