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Room 22 Burwood School, 1972


My son Paul, blonde hair, alongside teacher Burwood School 1972 ...

Avon River at end of Pembroke Street


Debbie Rimmer, 1961. Avon River at end of Pembroke Street, with ...

Children playing in the Avon, early 1900s

Circa 1905

The bridge in the background is the bridge in the Botanic ...

Backyard at 56 Stanbury Ave, Spreydon

Circa 1965

Maria Rohs, Anthony Bone, Christine Whitlow, Annette Bone, Karen ...

Dorothy & Maurice Bridges with horse, 1909


Dorothy Bridges (born 1902) holding the reins and keeping her ...

Methodist Sunday School, 1947/8


>Colombo Street Methodist Church

St Saviour's Orphanage outing


St Saviour's Orphanage outing on Stranges Pantechnicon ...

Taylor's Mistake


On holiday in one of the baches over at Taylor's Mistake. Lynne ...

Christmas in the backyard

December 1958

A family Christmas in our back yard in Opawa. I am showing off ...

Decorated Bikes


Bruce, Andrew, Anne and Margaret decorated their bikes for a ...

Cousins on Lawn

April 1966

Second from right is Jacqui Taylor with her sister, two brothers ...

Mairehau Playcentre Fancy Dress Party


Mairehau Playcentre on site where Mairehau High school is now. ...

The rescued kitten, 1960


My second oldest son, and my nephew with a kitten rescued from ...

Alice Grundy & family at Cave Rock

circa 1935

Alice Grundy & family at Cave Rock, Sumner.

Children taking donkey rides on Sumner beach

Circa 1905

Children taking donkey rides on Sumner beach, looking towards ...

Swimmers at Lake Bryndwr

Circa 1955

Swimmers at the shingle pit swimming hole Lake Bryndwr, Wairakei ...

Harold Parsons, Horse and Cart

Circa 1915

Harold Parsons in suit with three children. Child on Harold's ...

Phillipstown Kindergarten, 1941


Phillipstown Kindergarten, 533 St. Asaph Street, Christchurch. ...

Schoolgirls on their way to Phillipstown School.

May 1925

Girls merrily on their way to Phillipstown School on the day ...

Pompey & friends, 1914


Pompey & friends, 1914

1950 Birthday Party


1950 Birthday Party in Akaroa.

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