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Wedding cake 1988


Victoria and Richard standing proudly behind a wedding cake ...

Bahay Kubo, a traditional Filipino folk song

11 June 2024

In celebration of the Philippines 146th Independence Day, the ...


11 June 2024

As part of celebrating the the Philippine's 146th Independence ...

Kadang-kadang, a Filipino rural game

11 June 2024

To celebrate the Philippine's 146th Independence Day, children ...

Itik-itik Filipino Dance

11 June 2024

To celebrate Philippine's 146th Independence Day, a mother and ...

Paparua County Libraries float

About 1973 to about 1978

Paparua County Libraries float for the Hornby Gala and Cultural ...

Hornby High School float

About 1973 to about 1978

Hornby High School float during the Hornby Gala and Cultural ...

Make Bigger


Eldest Three including baby Valinda.

Fancy Dress


At a fancy dress party in Greymouth.. The dress belonged to my ...

Grand Parade at the A&P Show


Participants walking animals in the grand parade at the ...



From left: David and brothers Russell, Graeme, Warren, Angus. ...

Play Time


These identical twin boys were premature and rehabilitated in ...

At the Canterbury A & P Show

1955 or 1956

All dressed up for Christchurch A & P Show

One in one out


One twin brother is allowed the freedom of swimming, the other ...

Corsair Bay, Labour Day


Labour Day 1953. It's too cold for swimming that's why we are ...

Drying out at Corsair Bay


These three boys are warming themselves against the rock wall at ...

Drying out at Corsair Bay


Many families in the 1950s did not have a car, or a camera let ...

Phillipstown Kindergarten Fair


These children are dressed up for a fancy dress competition. The ...

Visit to the Oxford Terrace Plunket Rooms


These four siblings are outside the Plunket Rooms on Oxford ...

Portrait of a girl


This girl wears a pink satin homemade dress, pink ribbon, hair ...

The Chainbike


My mother, Florence Leader is looking on as I, Margaret May ...

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