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Children with garden hose

27 January 1977

Mellanie Johnson and Marc Stanford with a garden hose at a home ...

Split willow tree on Park Terrace

27 April 1965

Schoolboys playing on a willow tree on Park Terrace which has ...

Sisters at the beach

21 December 1985

Jane and Helen Truscott at the beach.

Hagley Park leaf pile

23 May 1977

Nicola Dixon, Frederick Heagney, Gary Paterson and Paul Dixon in ...

YMCA Gymnastics competition

15 May 1970

Children competing in a gymnastics competition at the YMCA ...

Don Nordhaus with children

5 May 1983

Don Nordhaus, director of YMCA programmes and camping services, ...

YMCA hoola hoop race

12 August 1980

Hoola hoop race at the YMCA gymnasium.

Trip to Three Point Island

17 January 1981

Children wearing life jackets ready for trip to Three Point ...

Swing bridge at Wainui YMCA camp

17 January 1981

Children on a swing bridge at the Wainui YMCA camp.

Leaving for YMCA girls' camp

18 December 1965

Girls preparing to leave for the YMCA girls' camp at Wainui. ...

Leaving for YMCA girls' camp

19 December 1964

Girls preparing to leave for the YMCA camp at Wainui.

Woolston School mural

20 August 1982

Jacinta Exeter (left), Peter Harding and Marie Stratford ...

Wedding of John Wesley and Sandy Holden

5 November 1986

John Wesley and Sandy Holden with a best man, Benjamin Dixon, at ...

Children with snowman

24 May 1988

Three children, from left, Natalie Adams, Stephen Barry and ...

Snow on Hardwicke Street, Sumner

31 June 1989

Julie Brookes playing in the snow with a bucket and spade on ...

Snow at Victoria Park

30 May 1989

Timothy Hancock (left) and Justin Hancock in the snow at ...

Tobogganing in the Port Hills snow

28 July 1965

Four children on a toboggan in the snow on the Port Hills.

Snow in Cathedral Square

29 June 1978

Michael Hakes and Manu Manihera in the snow in Cathedral Square.

Glenelg Health Camp rafting trip

2 October 1989

Glenelg Health Camp children rafting on the Avon River.

Glenelg Health Camp letters

1 August 1985

Glenelg Health Camp children with stamped letters.

Making beds at Glenelg Health Camp

31 July 1965

Kevin Franklin, Noel McIntyre and Grayson Joines making their ...

Playing at Glenelg Health Camp

31 July 1965

Children giving each other piggy back rides at Glenelg Health ...

Exercise at Glenelg Health Camp

Circa 1960s

Children exercising at Glenelg Health camp.

Glenelg Health Camp matron

3 August 1968

M. Cameron, matron of Glenelg Health camp, with children.

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