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New Zealand Ferret Society Display

11 November 1995

Christie and Megan Webber with Kim Whittington at the Ferret ...

Piglets at the A and P show

19 January 1988

Julia Foster and Meagan Haig with piglets at the Canterbury ...

Gemma Oliver and Chloe the jersey calf

18 November 1988

Gemma Oliver, 3, with Chloe, her jersey calf, at the grand ...

Horse riding parade

14 November 1987

Children riding horses in a parade at the Canterbury ...

Polly Douglas with angora rabbit

13 November 1987

Polly Douglas, 4, with an angora rabbit at the Canterbury ...

Craig Thornley and goat

13 November 1987

Craig Thornley, 3, with a goat at the Canterbury Agricultural ...

Riding the Ferris wheel at the A and P Show

14 November 1986

Talei, Olivia and Nicholas Larson on the Ferris wheel at the ...

Kelvin and Kelvin with hot dogs

15 November 1986

Kelvin Wikaira, and son, Kelvin, with hot dogs at the Canterbury ...

A and P sideshow prizes

10 November 1984

Aitutaki Radford, 2, with sideshow prizes at the Canterbury ...

Papanui roundabout fountain

12 May 1984

Catherine Johnson, 5, examines the fountain at the Papanui ...

A merry-go-round ride at the A and P show

21 December 1983

Mark (left) and John Bascand on a merry-go- round at the ...

Ripapa Island cannon

26 December 1980

Cannon, part of Fort Jervois at Ripapa Island, just off Banks ...

Clown model at A and P Show

12 November 1976

Michael Dulieu with a clown model at the Agricultural and ...

Jaycees bottle collection for Tibetan refugees

31 January 1970

Jaycees collecting bottles to fundraise money for Tibetan ...

Police officer with lost child

14 November 1970

A police officer with a lost child at the 1970 Agricultural and ...

John Gallacher seated in a tyre

14 November 1969

John Gallacher, 2, sitting inside a tyre on farm machinery at ...

Short-Smith sisters at A and P show

9 November 1956

Amy, Julie and Kylie Short-Smith at the Canterbury Agricultural ...

Valentine's Day at Linwood Kindergarten

14 February 1970

Children celebrating St Valentine's Day at Linwood Kindergarten.

Ferris Wheel ride at Labour Day picnic

26 October 1976

Children on the Ferris wheel at the Labour Day picnic in Linwood ...

Addington School pupils and Mayor Hay on Arbor Day

8 June 1978

Addington School pupils Diane Heenan (left) and Wenda Thomsen ...

Arbor Day at Elizabeth Park

11 August 1966

Children from schools across Christchurch planting trees at ...

Dr Priscilla Galloway

17 February 1996

Dr Priscilla Galloway, a consultant on English teaching from ...

Northern motorway expansion victims

26 August 1967

A house and its occupants who will be forced to move as a result ...

School children crossing Riccarton Road

23 March 1966

School children crossing Riccarton Road during busy traffic.

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