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South Brighton School Trip to the Beach


South Brighton School Trip to the Beach. In Jellicoe Street.

Birthday 1952


Taken in the front yard of Montreal Street on little girl's ...

Merry-go-round at the Industries Fair


Me on a merry-go-round at the Industries Fair in 1953.

Claude Wilby & Connie Thompson


Claude, Wilby & Connie Thompson

Claude and Maude (Connie) Thompson


Brother and sister, Claude and Maude Thompson. Although her ...

Maude Chisnall, aged 1


My grandmothr, Maude Chisnall. Born 12 October 1885.

Neville Attwood Holt

circa 1918

Nevill Holt used to tell his daughter "This me when I was a ...

Kamala at Rehua Marae


Kamala at Rehua Marae. Polytechnic Hui. Louisa Crawley teaching.

Cave Rock Sumner.


Cave Rock Sumner. Joy at the beach in Sumner.

Wendy in Cathedral Square, circa 1952

circa 1952.

Wendy in Cathedral Square, circa 1952

Medway Street footbridge

9 August 1977

View of the wooden Medway Street footbridge over the Avon River ...

Caravan park

11 July 1980

View of children playing on trampolines at a caravan park.

Addington Motor Camp residents

24 July 1990

Linda Kirdy and her son, Andrew, outside their caravan home at ...

Coes Ford camping area

13 January 1977

A boy with an inflatable inner tube at Coes Ford camping area.

Kairaki Beach motor camp

25 January 1975

View of caravans with neatly pruned hedges separating the ...

The Yellowlees family camping at Woodend

28 December 1964

Stewart, Linda, Joe Yellowlees of Kaiapoi, sunbathing outside ...

Victoria Street floral clock

21 September 1965

Mrs D. Stanton and grandchildren, Geoffrey and Christopher ...

Katy Chisnall with a frame of honey

8 January 1983

Katy Chisnall with a frame of honey at her parents' Greta Valley ...

Burwood Rabbit Farm


Burwood Rabbit Farm. Was 24 Francis Street - now Bassett Street. ...

Doris Goulding from Hornby with her two children and three nieces outside the Regent Café in Cathedral Square


From left: Maureen Goulding and Helen Fawdray; Kathleen Goulding ...

City Council-Technical Institute day care centre

9 November 1976

Lyn McCulloch supervising a group of children in a public child ...

Shoe playhouse at Avalon Children's Day Nursery

26 September 1961

Children playing in the shoe playhouse at Avalon Children's Day ...

Avonside Girls High School nursery

6 October 1971

S. Walker (left) and M. Harrall with children of the Avonside ...

Preschool visit to Ferrymead

3 November 1976

Children and staff of South Shore Playcentre and South Brighton ...

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