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Damaged traffic signal

31 May 1982

A damaged traffic signal on the intersection of Memorial Avenue ...

Overhead traffic lights

1 July 1963

The first overhead traffic lights in Christchurch on Papanui ...

Damaged traffic lights

24 August 1974

Damaged traffic lights on the centre of Blenheim Road and Matipo ...

Traffic lights on Deans Avenue.

12 April 1969

Traffic lights at the Deans Avenue-Harper Avenue-Fendalton Road ...

Traffic lights on Antigua Street and Moorhouse Avenue

25 June 1973

A Ministry of Transport officer making adjustments to traffic ...

Lincoln Road intersection with Whiteleigh Avenue


View down Lincoln Road towards the intersection with Whiteleigh ...

Whiteleigh Avenue

11 March 2011

Whiteleigh Avenue and Troup Drive intersection, looking south.

Armagh Street from the intersection with Durham Street North


View from the intersection of Durham Street North and Armagh ...

Road works, intersection of Sparks Road and Halswell Road

30 March 2015

Cones cover recent road works at the intersection of Sparks Road ...

More FM Hot air balloon


A More FM hot air balloon over houses, taken at an intersection ...

Mac the dog pulling a sulky, Colombo Street

21 May 1966

Mac the dog waiting at traffic lights whilst a bus goes past ...

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