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Shakespeare themed murals for Fine Arts Ball

11 July 1964

Barry Cleavin (left) and Dick Frizzell painting Shakespeare ...

Woolston School mural

20 August 1982

Jacinta Exeter (left), Peter Harding and Marie Stratford ...

Speedway Safety Helmets factory roof

27 September 1973

Students from the Ilam School of Fie Arts, Terry Bird (left), ...

Mural at Woolston Park swimming pool

7 December 1979

Marcelle Park and Grant Takle painting a mural at Woolston Park ...

Milton Street vet clinic mural

19 April 1982

Carol Parrott painting a mural on the Milton Street vet clinic ...

People's Palace Hotel mural

1 February 1983

Artists painting a mural of the People's Palace Hotel on ...

Janet de Wagt mural

2 May 1984

"Kiwi 1/4 Acre Pavlova Paradise," a mural by Janet de Wagt.

People's Palace Hotel mural

8 June 1985

Manchester Street mural of the People's Palace Hotel.

Aldwins Road waterworks pumping station mural

8 June 1985

Mural on Aldwins Road waterworks pumping station.

Gloucester Street liquor store mural

8 June 1985

Mural depicting traditions of brewing on the wall of a liquor ...

Mural in St Asaph street

8 June 1985

Mural in St Asaph Street with Canterbury characters including ...

Placemakers carpark mural

8 June 1985

Mural the carpark of Placemakers, corner of Mandeville Street ...

Tuam Street carpark mural

8 June 1985

Mural on Tuam Street carpark wall, designed and painted by Arts ...

United Fisheries mural, Durham Street

16 January 1986

Gina Papageorge, Christchurch Polytechnic student, painting a ...

Dominon Breweries mural

19 February 1987

Tim Croucher and Richard Fahey with a mural painted for Dominion ...

Ice hockey mural at Alpine skating rink, Papanui

30 March 1987

Richard Fahey and Tim Croucher with the mural they painted at ...

Mural painting on rail wagons

13 April 1987

Christchurch Boys' High School students painting a mural on a ...

Canterbury Clothing warehouse mural

17 June 1987

Tim Croucher and Richard Fahey with their mural on the ...

Mural at Heaton Intermediate School

18 December 1987

Heaton Intermediate School pupils with a mural they have created ...

Mural for Screensign Arts, Ferry Road

28 June 1988

Tom Arthur painting a mural for Screensign Arts, Ferry Road.

Hospital building site mural

2 October 1989

Painting a mural at the hospital building site.


circa 1990


People's Palace Mural


People's Palace Mural.

Turners Limited


Turners Limited, corner Tuam and Colombo Street.

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