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Two friends at Cashel Mall

Circa 1980

Sarona Al'ono (left) and her friend outside shops at Cashel ...

Botanic gardens and museum


Sarona Al'ono walking in the Botanic Gardens next to Canterbury ...

Iris gardens at Mona Vale

25 November 1981

Sarona Al'ono and Leua Tea Iosefa posing in the Iris Gardens at ...

Leua Tea Iosefa graduation dinner at the Pagoda


Sarona Al'ono and Leua Tea Iosefa posing, with Leua in a cap and ...

Sitting along Travis Road near QEII Park

27 January 1980

Two girls, Aleida Spoeistra and Sarona Al'ono sat on the verge ...

Kendal Primary School class photograph


A formal school photograph of Kendal primary school students ...

Sarona Al'ono on a tricycle


View of a child, Sarona Al'ono, on a tricycle in a garden in ...

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