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Albion printing press for Print 68 exhibition

11 August 1968

R. Brown left and A. T. Gallington move an 1866 Albion Press ...

Insulated cargo container

4 December 1968

A British Lines insulated container at Islington which could be ...

Shrove Tuesday pancake chef, Joe Verweij

26 February 1968

New Brighton chef, Joe Verweij, making pancakes for the Shrove ...

Sir George Manning on St David's Day

1 March 1968

Mayor, George Manning, with the Welsh flag outside the City ...

Mayor with pupils on Arbor Day

8 August 1968

Mayor, George Manning, with Woolston school pupils, Ann Saunders ...

Christchurch Teachers College graduation ceremony

7 December 1968

Christchurch Teachers College students graduating in the Civic ...

Monaco dance hall

28 September 1968

Mural by Bill Hammond in the Monaco dance hall, Chancery Lane.

Test piles for university library

13 May 1968

Test piles being driven for the new university library building ...

Transportation of pre-fabricated building

20 July 1968

Jimmy Curline (front) and his brother Ronny Curline of J. B. ...

Transportation of boiler to Lyttelton

12 July 1968

The largest boiler that has so far been manufactured in New ...

Glasshouse transportation

22 March 1968

Glasshouse for transportation from the property of Noel D. Laird ...

Waimataitai Street bridge, Timaru

5 July 1968

Waimataitai Street bridge, Waimataitai, Timaru.

Sally and Julie in front of the Cathedral


Sally 19 months and Julie 31/2 in front of the Cathedral in the ...

Bill and Sally Martin


Bill and Sally Martin 1968/1969 (nee Sally Whitlam)

Sanitarium Health Foods Gardens


Sanitarium Health Foods Gardens. Harewood Road, Papanui

Papanui Timber Co


This is a photo of the staff of Papanui Timber Co. (cnr of Frank ...

Stiletto punctured bus tyre

16 October 1968

A stiletto shoe which punctured the tyre of a Christchurch ...

Omega station protest

28 June 1968

A crowd of University of Canterbury students participating in a ...

New Salvation Army band instruments

28 September 1968

Major Ron Knight with some of the Christchurch Citadel Salvation ...

Eel fishing, Lake Ellesmere/Te Waihora


Eel fishing Lake Ellesmere/Te Waihora.

Bonningtons The Chemists

19 September 1968

Interior view of a pharmacist working in the dispensery at ...

Smiths City car parking building

2 September 1968

Concrete pour at Smiths City Market's new car parking building ...

Preparing joinery for the Self Help store in New Brighton 1968


Tony de Vries putting timber through the thicknesser for ...

Miss New Brighton competition crowd

6 January 1968

Crowd at the Miss New Brighton 1968 competition during the New ...

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