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Library assistant, Terrisa Goldsmith

17 September 1990

Canterbury Public Library assistant, Terrisa Goldsmith, with a ...

Collapsing banks along the Heathcote River

18 September 1990

Barbara Anderson, a Woolston resident, at the Radley Street ...

Christchurch Arts Centre

25 September 1990

The Christchurch Arts Centre on the corner of Rolleston Avenue ...

South Hagley Park

25 September 1990

South Hagley Park seen from the corner of Hagley Avenue and ...

Antigua Boatsheds

25 September 1990

The shop at the Antigua Boatsheds. 2 Cambridge Terrace

Canoeing on the Avon River

25 September 1990

Canoe on the Avon River.

James Edward Fitzgerald statue

25 September 1990

Statue of James Edward Fitzgerald on Rolleston Avenue. Erected ...

26 Hereford Street

25 September 1990

House at 26 Hereford Street.

Statue of William Sefton Moorhouse

25 September 1990

Statue of William Sefton Moorhouse in Botanic Gardens.

Robert McDougall Art Gallery

25 September 1990

Robert McDougall Art Gallery, 9 Rolleston Avenue. Built 1930 to ...

YMCA, Rolleston Avenue

25 September 1990

YMCA building, 12 Hereford Street.

Bandsmens Memorial rotunda

25 September 1990

Bandsmens Memorial rotunda, Christchurch Botanic Gardens. This ...

Christchurch Botanic Gardens

25 September 1990

A schoolgirl cycles past the entrance to the Christchurch ...

Former Registry building

25 September 1990

Former registry building on the corner of Hereford Street and ...

Canterbury Museum

25 September 1990

Canterbury Museum on Rolleston Avenue.

Blossom on trees

25 September 1990

Blossom on trees.

ChristChurch Cathedral

25 September 1990

ChristChurch Cathedral in Cathedral Square.

Botanic Gardens

25 September 1990

Flower beds at the Botanic Gardens looking north towards the ...

Former Chief Post Office building

25 September 1990

Former Chief Post Office building.

Worcester Street bridge

25 September 1990

Worcester Street bridge seen from Cambridge Terrace with Noahs ...

Cathedral Square

25 September 1990

BNZ building in Cathedral Square.

Christchurch Hospital

25 September 1990

Christchurch Hospital.

The Curator's House

25 September 1990

The Curator's House, Botanic Gardens.

Robert Falcon Scott Memorial statue

25 September 1990

Robert Falcon Scott Memorial statue seen from Worcester Street.

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