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Pastor Erwin Ferris with "Smoking Sam"

24 October 1970

Pastor Erwin Ferris of the Seventh Day Adventists with "Smoking ...

Interior of "Smoking Sam"

14 March 1973

Bottles in the back of the Smoking Sam mannequin fill with ...

Gwenda Patridge with "Smoking Sam"

9 October 1980

Youth health worker, Gwenda Patridge with "Smoking Sam" who is ...

Linwood High School rappers

27 June 1992

Bridget Olsen, Shem Ioapo and the Linwood High School rap dance ...

No smoking sign at Woolworths

26 March 1977

Maxine Miliner with a no smoking sign at a Woolworths store.

Biochemists, Dr M.C. Owen and S. Brennan

18 December 1983

Biochemists, Dr M.C. Owen and S. Brennan with equipment used to ...

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