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Wintergarden night club interior

27 September 1971

The interior of the Wintergarden nightclub. Image is reversed.

Workers' hut on the Waltham Road overhead bridge

28 September 1971

Hut for workers laying the median strip on the Waltham Road ...

Blackwell Motors

20 September 1971

Blackwell Motor at the junction of Manchester and Salisbury ...

Marg Phillips, lubrication attendant

20 September 1971

Marg Phillips, lubrication attendant at Blackwell Motors.

Electronic engine analyser at Blackwell Motors

20 September 1971

Vane Electronic Engine Analyser at Blackwell Motors.

Blackwell Motors parts division

20 September 1971

Parts division at Blackwell Motors on the corner of Manchester ...

Blackwell Motors visualising steering service

20 September 1971

John McDonough at the visualiser steering service at Blackwell ...

The Town Hall under construction

2 September 1971

Aerial view of the Christchurch Town Hall under construction on ...

Non stop guitar playing world record attempt

18 September 1971

Wendy Harding and Bill van Peer, both students at Hillmorton ...

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