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Resuscitator unit for New Brighton

31 October 1970

Miles Ruddenklau (left) of the New Brighton Jaycees with Chief ...

Heathcote River gas pipe

13 October 1970

A gaspipe crossing the Heathcote River on Ashgrove Terrace.

The Midland Coach workshop

1 October 1970

Interior of the Midland coach workshop on Lichfield Street.

MMM Butchery

28 October 1970

MMM Butchery on Yaldhurst Road.

Burst water hydrant, Durham Street

24 October 1970

A burst water hydrant floods Durham Street outside the Methodist ...

Burst water main on Westminster Street

13 October 1970

A water works department worker inspects a crater caused by ...

Wedding of Andrew Paterson and Anne Rouse

17 October 1970

Andrew Paterson and Anne Rouse exit St Faith's Anglican Church. ...

Painting golf balls

10 October 1970

Carol Morgan operates the golf ball painting machine.

Grading golf balls

10 October 1970

Jean Cook inspects golf balls for flaws at the International ...

Watties factory at Hornby

17 October 1970

The new J. Wattie Canneries Ltd vegetable processing factory at ...

The new National Bank uniform

21 October 1970

Colin Cole, fashion designer, and Sue Larosa with the new ...

Pastor Erwin Ferris with "Smoking Sam"

24 October 1970

Pastor Erwin Ferris of the Seventh Day Adventists with "Smoking ...

Tern Street signpost on New Brighton beach

7 October 1970

Sign post on New Brighton beach indicating where Tern Street ...

Lancely Walshaw with 1893 petition

20 October 1970

Lancely Walshaw holds the women's franchisement petition of ...

Hāngi at Avonside Girls High School

31 October 1970

A group of men carving and serving meat from a hāngi at ...

Wesley Church, Fitzgerald Avenue

10 October 1970

Exterior of Wesley Church, Fitzgerald Avenue with cars parks ...

Wesley Church, Fitzgerald Avenue

10 October 1970

Interior of Wesley Church, Fitzgerald Avenue during a service ...

Schools music festival rehearsal

6 October 1970

Children sitting in rows, rehearsing for a music festival ...

Redgrave Street, Halswell

3 October 1970

View down Redgrave Street in Halswell, a modern State housing ...

Canterbury rugby player Fergie McCormick

1 October 1970

Fergie McCormick leaving the pitch at Lancaster Park following a ...

Start of the Heathcote Valley Go-kart Grand Prix

24 October 1970

Dave Merritt taking a corner ahead of Robin Wilkinson at the ...

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