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Gathering of the clan


The Scott-Lanyon brothers and sisters get together in the ...

Anzac wreath and poppies

16 April 1983

Close-up of an Anzac wreath and poppies which, for the first ...

Anzac poppies

20 April 1977

Close-up of two versions of Anzac poppies. The version on the ...

Able Seaman Daniel Douglas being presented with an award

13 October 1984

Governor-General, Sir David Beattie, presenting Abel Seaman ...

The Charles Upham lounge at the Christchurch RSA

13 October 1984

Interior of the Charles Upham lounge at the Christchurch RSA. ...

Anzac Poppies - old and new

15 June 1983

Patricia Tihema, a worker at the Christchurch RSA, with the old ...

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