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Floating Crane Rapaki in dry dock


Floating crane Rapaki in the dry dock Lyttelton Harbour 1960's.

Michelle at Lyttelton


Kerstin and Michelle (pictured) have been friends for 3 years as ...

At the top of the Port Hills


A man sitting on the rocks on top of Port Hills, Lyttelton ...

Lyttelton harbour

Early 1960s

Lyttelton looking across to Banks Peninsula, taken from the air.

Royal Yacht in Lyttelton for Commonwealth Games

August 1974

View of the Royal Yacht Britannia in Lyttelton for 1974 ...

Yacht Moorings Lyttelton


Yachts moored at the inner harbor at Lyttelton.

T.E.V Maori and Icebreaker USS Glacier


Inter island ferry T.E.V Maori and Icebreaker USS Glacier ...

Port Nelson and Icebreaker USS Glacier


Port Nelson and Icebreaker USS Glacier docked at Lyttelton ...

Corinthic Passenger Ship


View of the Corinthic Passenger Ship at Lyttelton Harbour. ...

Captain Champion on Dredge Canterbury


View of Captain Champion aboard Dredge Canterbury at Lyttelton ...

HMS Jupiter and Tranz Tours Cruiseship, Lyttelton

August 1974

View of the HMS Jupiter and Tranz Tours Cruise ship at Lyttelton ...

HMS Royalist


View of the HMS Royalist on it's way to Port Lyttelton.

Rangatira leaving Lyttelton


The interisland ferry, the Rangatira leaving Lyttelton Harbour ...

Crayfishing boat, Glen Heath

28 July 1973

A crayfishing boat, Glen Heath, in Lyttelton Harbour.

Lyttelton - corner of London and Canterbury Streets

5 September 2007

Corner of London and Canterbury Streets, looking out over the ...

Fire in the hold of the Japan Totara

10 December 1970

The harbour tug, Canterbury, assisting to put out the fire in ...

Marlin computer in operation

14 January 1985

Marlin, a marine loading indicator computer in operation amongst ...

Lyttelton port Clark van carrier

23 September 1976

A Clark van carrier at Lyttelton Harbour shortly after being ...

Tug Lyttelton

19 January 2020

The historic steam tug Lyttelton on her first Sunday sailing ...

Super Yacht Dancing Hare

19 January 2020

57.7 metre privately owned MY Dancing Hare anchored in Camp ...

Quail Island wharf

9 December 1982

View of the approach to the wharf at Quail Island from a boat.

Ripapa Island cannon

26 December 1980

Cannon, part of Fort Jervois at Ripapa Island, just off Banks ...

Quail Island walkway

3 December 1983

A hut and signboard at the start of the Quail Island walkway.

Quail Island information centre

3 December 1983

Exterior of the information centre on Quail Island.

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