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Opening Wedding presents


Sean O'Hagan, Liam O'Hagan, Asimanogi O'Hagan and Lagi Iosefa ...

Opening Wedding presents


O'Hagan and Iosefa Families opening wedding gifts from Sean ...

My 21st birthday

11 June 1963

"In 1963 I [Kareen Luscombe] turned 21 years old. Here I am ...

Wrapping Christmas presents

23 December 1995

Two men wrapping Christmas presents including a teddy bear.

Stuart Branch with Aviator Bear

4 December 1989

A child, Stuart Branch, getting a hug and a toy Aviator Bear ...

Keri Price with Christmas presents

15 December 1982

A child, Keri Price, holding Christmas presents including a DIC ...

Shaun Roberts with Christmas presents

18 December 1980

A child, Shaun Roberts, carrying his Christmas presents in the ...

The Star wishing well Christmas donations

4 December 1982

Tania and Brent Clough with toys at The Star wishing well. The ...

James LeCouteur in a toy car

15 December 1982

James LeCouteur sitting in a toy car with Christmas shopping in ...

Kluts family Christmas shopping

24 December 1987

The Kluts family outside Farmers Department Store on Colombo ...

Owen Crump and Santa Bear

25 November 1988

A child, Owen Crump, getting a hug and a toy Santa Bear from ...

Radio personalities with donated Christmas presents

11 December 1996

Christchurch radio personalities Jason Gunn and James Daniels at ...

Salvation Army Christmas toy collection

5 December 1984

Major Gilbert Beale of the Salvation Army with a selection of ...

Christmas tree at ChristChurch Cathedral

23 December 1981

Two year old, Gavin Hussey examining the Christmas tree with a ...

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