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Moonlight Bay

27 February 1954

Photo taken by my father Peter Basire ( a photographer) from his ...

At Sumner


1 o 24 photos by FG Radcliffe in a booklet titled "Scenes from ...

Cave Rock, Sumner. N.Z.


Cave Rock, Sumner. N.Z. Postcard. Gold medal Series No. 216

The Cliffs. Sumner. A2278.


The Cliffs. Sumner.
A2278. Protected 8-8-12 Aldersley. Burns ...

Sumner, near Christchurch, NZ


Sumner, near Christchurch, NZ.

Café Continental, Sumner - from Cave Rock


Café Continental, Sumner - from Cave Rock. Postcards

Sumner, 1905, 2014

circa 1900 to 1905, 2014

Sumner tram beside Shag Rock. View of Sumner and containers.

Postcard of Sumner (a seaside suburb), Christchurch, N.Z.


Colour postcard, Colourchrome Series F. C. 4032. Photography: R. ...

The Clarkson family at Sumner Beach, 1902 or 3


The family of Annie & Emerson Clarkson and some friends by the ...

Sumner, from inside Cave Rock

circa 1890s.

This book of photos was inherited from family from my mothers ...

Cave Rock, Sumner, lifeboat shed


Cave Rock, Sumner, lifeboat shed.

Family picnic, 1965


Rimmer & Lee family picnic at Sumner, 1965.

Sumner one summer day


My mother (born in 1919) is second from the left, and her two ...

Cave Rock in Sumner in the early 1920s


My grandmother , Pearl Sutton (dark top) and her sister in law ...

Sumner Clock and Foreshore looking towards Cave Rock, 1940s


Sumner Clock and Foreshore looking towards Cave Rock, 1940s. ...

Margosue Penney and friend at Sumner


Margosue Penney (front) at Sumner - across the road from the ...

Colin Penney at Sumner, 1920


Colin Penney at Sumner, 1920

View of Sumner


View of Sumner. From a photograph album.

Save Our Seas protest

9 April 1991

Save Our Seas Coalition members simulating the rescue of a ...

Nayland Street bus shelter

9 September 1982

Passengers waiting to board a bus by the stone bus shelter on ...

Aerial View of South Brighton


Aerial View of South Brighton

Cave Rock Sumner.


Cave Rock Sumner. Joy at the beach in Sumner.

Sumner Surf Life Saving clubhouse clock

29 August 1987

The Simplex clock on the roof of the Sumner Surf Life Saving ...

Sumner Scarborough clock tower

29 August 1987

View of the Sumner Scarborough clock tower on the Esplanade in ...

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