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Replacing speed limit signs

2 April 1984

Allan Baker of and Rex Davey of Waimairi District Council ...

Damaged traffic signal

31 May 1982

A damaged traffic signal on the intersection of Memorial Avenue ...

Commonwealth Games at Roydvale School

25 July 1986

View of students at Roydvale School participating in a running ...

Roydvale School Commonwealth Games opening ceremony

25 July 1986

Pupils at Roydvale School holding their own Commonwealth Games ...

Petrol station field trip

5 October 1976

Christ the King School students on a school trip to Kendal ...

Christchurch Carpet Yarns


Christchurch Carpet Yarns Spinning machine (Sheffield Crescent).

Ilam Road kea crossing

Circa 1990s

Georgina Chamber from Cobham Intermediate School on patrol at ...

Industrial estate on Wairakei Road

20 September 1975

View of grounds at the Industrial estate on Wairakei Road. A ...

Plan of Canterbury Technology Park

21 January 1987

Architects plan of Canterbury Technology Park marking Memorial ...

415 Avonhead Road and pylons

20 October 1973

Flats at 415 Avonhead Road beneath electricity pylons.

Burnside High School Reunion 1985 (Year 1961-62 pupils)

April 1985

Burnside High School reunion. 1985 photo of year 1961-62 pupils ...

The Duckworth Turner factory

6 April 1979

Exterior of the Duckworth Turner factory on Roydvale Avenue.

Opening of Wairakei Road Canterbury Savings Bank

19 May 1966

The president of the Canterbury Savings Bank, Mr E. S. F. ...

Dome House on Memorial Avenue

4 June 1983

Exterior of a Dome House at 254 Memorial Avenue in Burnside.

Construction of a hexadome house on Memorial Avenue

26 March 1984

The exterior of a hexadome house being installed onto its ...

Break from trampoline marathon at Burnside High School

26 August 1975

Alan Tamplin (left) and Dave Reid taking a break from their part ...

Burnisde High School learning to ride power cycles

10 February 1975

Burnside High School students being taught to ride Benelli 60cc ...

Kendal Primary School class photograph


A formal school photograph of Kendal primary school students ...

Sarona Al'ono on a tricycle


View of a child, Sarona Al'ono, on a tricycle in a garden in ...

Riding on the water slide at Jellie Park

22 November 1984

Maria Velde on the waterslide at Jellie Park Aqualand.

Riding on the water slide at Jellie Park

2 December 1983

Stephanie Wain on the waterslide at Jellie Park Aqualand.

Riding on the water slide at Jellie Park

2 December 1983

Laura Reynolds and Lisa Feutz on a water slide at Jellie Park ...

Aerial view of Jellie Park

27 June 1983

Aerial view of Jellie Park with the swimming pool in the centre ...

Aerial view of Jellie Park

14 December 1968

Aerial view of Jellie park with the Lido Pool to the right. ...

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