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Choir for the Christchurch Schools Music Festival

9 October 1972

Conductor with children rehearsing in the town hall for the ...

Christchurch Schools Music Festival at Town Hall

12 October 1990

The general choir, the special senior choir, and the youth ...

Drivers union stopwork meeting

28 April 1978

A driver speaking out at the call for action at the Stopwork ...

Child in a toy convertible at the Motor Show Trade Expo '87

13 October 1987

Three year old Sam Averis sat in a child-sized rechargeable and ...

Margarine sculpture at the Southern Food fare

28 June 1986

A lion and a serpent sculpture made from margarine by Hagen ...

Science display at the Canterbury-Westland Science fair

29 June 1989

Mariehau High school sixth-formers Kathryn McSaveney and Julie ...

Ferrier Fountain, Town Hall

26 September 2009

South Island Aerobics Championships at James Hay Theatre

27 August 1994

First place winners of the Womens under 19 Pairs Competition at ...

Poupou at Market Square

ca. 2000

A special poupou or pou pou was commissioned for the site as ...

Main Entrance, Christchurch Town Hall

5 November 2003

View of the Christchurch Town Hall main entrance from Kilmore ...

Robotnik Three at the 1983 ICI New Zealand science fair

15 October 1983

Johnathan Mackenzie from Palmerston North Secondary School, ...

North East Christchurch Energy Group Protest


In '79 the National Government introduced a 60 percent increase ...

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